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Netflix Customer Service Account Says No Current Plans For Netflix On Switch

Many of you are awaiting an announcement for more streaming applications on the Nintendo Switch. So far we’ve only got Hulu, and that’s only in North America. The big one would be Netflix, but the customer service account has replied to an eager fan to say that the company doesn’t have any plans for Netflix on Nintendo’s latest home console.


  1. Customer service though. It was either an automated message, or someone who has no information on the topic.

    Taking information from customer service is not viable in the slightest.

  2. It’s been shown time and time again that Netflix’s CS can be very disjointed from the rest of the company, so this doesn’t mean much imo.

  3. I don’t know why people want it on Switch, let it stay a gaming system!…… Ain’t people got a PC, laptop, tablet, phone, Xbox, PlayStation??? We don’t need another lol

    1. They want a little side entertainment instead of just gaming. Since Wii, Netflix has been on Nintendo’s side along with other platforms. Without it, it’ll just shrink their potential install base and it won’t look promising on paper. Netflix needs to come to the Switch and the fact that Hulu came first should have them speed up the process to compete.

    2. Netflix isn’t as big a concern for me since I have a Nexus Player, but I’d really like to see Amazon Prime on the Switch because of their garbage about not having an app on said Nexus Player. Because of my limited HDMI inputs I have to pick and choose what is plugged in and right now my only option to watch Amazon Prime content is the Wii U and that means unhooking the Switch. I don’t really need those apps on the go, but at home while docked it’d be really convenient. Not to mention being able to switch from TV to Switch screen if I need to move to another room for whatever reason.

      There are all sorts of reasons for while the only reason against seems to be to preserve some kind of “purity” of a gaming system.

    3. It’s not about who needs what , its nice to have a multi use console. I often watch blu ray’s that I own with my Playstation , use Netflix cause I prefer the interface over my television netflix interface. And i’m sure it has more functions that I don’t care for but other people do. It’s just very annoying in general that Nintendo refuces to implement these kind of things weather you use it or not. I rather have a powerfull Nintendo Home console with all those added functions and a normal controller for 329 euro’s, than spending 329 euro’s on a hybrid that I never use outside my television with worse third party support , controls and no added functions.

      Basicly I could say exactly the same as you only like this:

      I don’t know why people want portable on Switch, let it stay a home console!…… Ain’t people got a Tablet,Phone,3ds??? We don’t need another lol

  4. I’d personally prefer Youtube which is free, a weather app, a music app (spotify etc.) and a news app (flipnote etc.) than Netflix. Oh, and a basic browser. Netflix is viewable by 0,00001 % where I live.

  5. I really couldnt care less about having Netflix on the switch. It doesnt work without wifi, and if i am within range of wifi and have time to watch a show, chances are I have a TV or an ipad within reach so my switch is saving its battery for gameplay. as for when i am at home, I have at least a dozen other electronic items that can load netflix. not having it on the switch is not a loss for me.

  6. I have a feeling a future announcement is coming real soon. Why would customer service be going back and forth about getting the app on the Switch? Netflix would be stupid to not want there app on the fastest selling home console.

  7. in order for this to be a problem you need:

    A TV and Switch
    A Netflix account
    Internet fast enough for streaming
    Either no other home device that plays netflix, like say every single television and blu ray player on the market, OR
    Someone else is watching the tv.

    If someone else is watching the TV, you also need to not have a smartphone.

    So, if you don’t have another netflix player and/or someone else is watching the tv AND you don’t have a smartphone, I can only assume you’re 15 and should be doing your homework instead. Go do your homework. The other 99.99999% of people who either don’t have this problem or don’t care will go ahead being happy the way things are.

  8. Whether its coming or not. Right now it would be very appreciated having netflix on switch, the pain is switching from switch to ps4 in order to watch on the big screen. Convenience

  9. I thought Netflix was coming to switch

    It should come to switch

    So many people use it on their phones and the switch is a bigger screen

    We’ve had it on previous consoles

    Just hurry up and bring it, to not do it wouldn’t be a wise decision, switch consoles are gona be in so many households.

  10. I would take that reply with a grain of salt, they would not be the party announcing Netflix on the Switch. It will probably arrive at the same time as the Nintendo online subscription plan. There is zero chance Hulu will be the only streaming service available on the Switch.

  11. I think the switch should stay a gaming system! Use your phone to stream netflix if you’re not at home.

  12. Netflix on Switch would be convenient for those that don’t have a smart TV or the plethora of other devices that do carry Netflix. “But smartphones!” And? Not everyone still has one & a lot of people would prefer to watch their shit on a much bigger screen, too! Why do you geniuses think people buy a big fucking TV screen? As solely a decoration!? xD You’re a special kind of stupid!

    But alas, it’s not an issue for me since I don’t have a Switch anymore, anyway (lost mine in a fire for those that missed my previous comment on the subject.) Still, for those that do have the system & want Netflix, this is an issue.

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