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Japan: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Will Soon Cross One Million Copies Sold

Japanese gamers have never been immensely huge fans of The Legend of Zelda series as the franchise always tends to sell better here in the west. However, the latest game in the series is currently on track to sell over one million units in the land of the rising sun. The title currently stands at 935,835 copies sold in Japan, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long until it crosses the one million mark. We shall keep you posted.



    1. I’ll say this, both have different offerings and feels. It’s a matter of play time preference. Zelda is much larger with more objectives/quests to do while Odyssey is a return to sandbox form, albeit kinda slim in content compare to 64/DS/Sunshine.

  1. Not surprised. As the article kindly points out, Legend of Zelda isn’t as big in Japan as it is outside of Japan. Of course, this is true for MANY of Nintendo’s IPs, not just Zelda. Metroid is another big one that sells more outside of Japan than within.

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