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Nintendo Labo Kits Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Nintendo recently introduced Nintendo Labo, a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences designed to inspire kids and those who are kids-at-heart. Together with the Nintendo Switch system, the Nintendo Labo kits provide a set of tools and technology to make DIY creations and play games with them. Players won’t be required to purchase kits, as game cartridges will be sold separately and the design patterns will be made available for free. If you are interested in getting official kits from Nintendo, you can pre-order them right now at retailers such as Amazon and GameStop. Nintendo Labo launches on April 20 with two kits – the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit.


  1. Preordered two of each. If it’s super successful, it’ll be worth a lot because supply will be low. If it falls flat on its face, if you wait awhile it will be worth a lot as a big weird Nintendo product that nobody has. Only way to lose is if it’s moderately successful.

    I’ll note though that amazon already called the robot kit a bestseller when I was shopping.

      1. You don’t seem to be familiar with the word. A scalper either price gouges, or creates artificial scarcity through inventory monopoly. This is called being a wise collector. Or would you rather I collect things I expect to be worthless?

    1. You remind me of a kid saying in youtube that he will keep the Mario Odyssey Prima Guide sealed because it will be rare.
      btw, say what you want, you are a scalper, not a collector. I you’re thinking about the price, you’re thinking about profit. I you think about profit, you think about selling.
      I you think about selling, and your purchase prevents other people to get their copy…well, congratulations, you are a scalper.

      1. “You remind me of a kid saying in youtube that he will keep the Mario Odyssey Prima Guide sealed because it will be rare.”

        And there’s nothing wrong with that.

        “I you’re thinking about the price, you’re thinking about profit. ”

        That’s not remotely true, I’m thinking about the cost to collect later. Tell me, which would be smarter, buying big box earthbound sealed in box now, or buying big box earthbound, sealed in box back when it came out? If there’s even a 1% chance that I want to go for a major Switch collection, it’s going to be *dramatically* cheaper to be aware of what’s going to happen to prices in the future as I’m buying now. All the rest of your logic is dependent on dishonestly pretending you can read my mind on this point.

        “In fact, you’re the worst kind of scalper, twice dishonest, because you hide behind “I’m a collector” statement. I’m not telling you what to do, just telling you what you are.”

        You lying about me because I enjoy different parts of the hobby than you, and you’re being a pretty outstandingly crappy person while you do it.

  2. ||The robot tool is likely to be an extension of Lord Miyamoto’s prototype Project Giant Robot…||

  3. This isn’t so dumb. 😂😂😂 if you’re over 15 years old and get this you should cringe at yourself 😂😂 I’m cringing so hard just thinking about the man children out there getting hyped over this 😂😂😂 losers

    1. The thing is… This labo thing looks promising for parents who wants their children to do new things, be creative, have fun, do stuff that many years ago we did. I remember when playing with a box and painting it was fun. Chill this games are for children, that’s ok.

      1. What about how every January there has been a new main fire emblem reveal, and this time there’s nothing? All we’ve gotten is a direct mini (which definitely didn’t appeal to everyone) and some cardboard stuff aimed at tiny children…wow.

        I was expecting fire emblem switch…and I got cardboard and a tiny mini direct. This is really disappointing as a customer, having to wait so long and ending up with less than expected.

        Oh well, guess I’ll go back to playing fire emblem fates…again :/

        1. I know, be pacient, I’m a huge Metroid Fan and trust me when i say that patience is a must-have for a Nintendo Fan. But then, when the games are finally launched, it’s all worth it… I’m looking at you, metroid Prime.

  4. ||It is fascinating how you humans go insane over a product we specifically targeted primarily to Nintendolings, even giving you the notice prior to the reveal…||

    ||Your species will die from insanity before a nuclear war, perhaps in some ways you already did…||

    ||In the end, we Ing enjoy the slow torture the different species inflict within their own, it is the far easier then to discard the weak rubbish from the few worthy specimens to consume…||

    1. I think commander, that many people here forgot that they were children once… This thing will be a great toy/tool for a lot of parents to share time with their children, to encourage them to video games AND playing with actual sorrounding, creativity and more. Good idea for the little ones Nintendo, now show us our games please.

  5. people nowadays dont have any patience for god sake. The other games and directs will come eventually, people want everything for yesterday, geez.
    I like what Nintendo did here, they showed something very creative and different in a isolated direct and they even told before it was targeted for kids and even that people complain, geezzzzzzzzz

    1. Well barely anyone would have the “patience” to wait nearly a year for a new main fire emblem so maybe the problem isn’t “impatience” but rather hyper tolerance to anything nintendo does, as long as a handful of games come out eventually. And this really does raise the question, why pay attention to anything nintendo does until e3?

      You need to demand better than this, all of you.

      1. ||Nintendo Direct in September last year, Game Awards concerning all 3 Bayonetta, this Nintendo Direct Mini and a few weapons announced in between by other sources is not enough according to some, there are at least 1 normal Direct and one mini coming before E3 this year, what more do people want?…||

        ||And unlike the days of the Empire, our new directs go strictly to weapon announcements…||

      2. So a direct that was ages ago, a little mini direct that definitely wasn’t a main course (for some of us at least), and some card board aimed at very young children?

        No it’s not enough, at least for me and other nintendo fans. And while I’m aware that announcements and when they happen are unrelated to when game’s get finished and released, it sure is frustrating waiting constantly just for one game you want (like a traditional Fire emblem switch) only for it to not appear, time and time again.

        I just wish we’d also, in addition to everything that’s been announced this year, get updates on metroid, pokemon, fire emblem, etc…no matter how small these updates would be.

      3. Well, I’m very demanding, I hate the wiiu era but I’m being more positive with the switch era. I like this cardboard idea (altough I though the prices are too expensive and it can be a problem). But I like that Nintendo is trying to do, it’s a different idea and it is not targeted for gamers, it’s for children, they stated this before.
        And yes, I think people have to be more patient, lots of people wanted all the games to be shown at that last mini direct. I think the best oned will be shown at E3, and others can me shown at directs in the next months (I hope). Maybe people are to afraid also because of the Wiiu era, I’m a little bit, but I am towards more of the positive side nowadays.

      4. Don’t worry about my comments, I’m having a bad day and was thinking 100% right just now. Though it still is somewhat disappointing we’ll have to wait even longer imo but I don’t mind so much now.

    1. That very well may happen. Though, notably, Wii music was entering into an already competitive field. There were already great music games on the market. This cardboard thing is so wildly different. Stupid or not, stupid things catch on all the time. Fidget spinners are a huge industry. People bought giga pets. Pogs, finger boards, hell I’d put Skylanders in the same camp. Stupid ideas make hundreds of millions of dollars every year. I don’t think anyone alive is qualified to say definitively that this won’t catch on.

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