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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.2.0 Coming Friday

Those of you enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch will be pleased to know that a new update for the game will be arriving on Friday. The game will be updated to Version 1.2.0. We don’t know exactly what the update does with regards to improving aspects of the main game and bug fixes. However, it will include additional quests and expansion pass items. Here’s what was found by Reset Era member, Miller:

For expansion pass holders, this also comes with 5 quests (explicitly labelled “pack 1” in the same way the items pack at launch was, implying quests will continue to release as part of the ongoing DLC release plan), and a 3rd pack of items (including a legendary core crystal, 10 rare core crystals, an overdrive, some food, and an accessory).




      1. This is something that I USED to do. And then I started doing like four at a time… but… I think that I’m going to be going back to ‘complete one and then start up another’ (at least where jrpgs are concerned.)

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      1. I do a mixture of both. I have 1-3 primary games I’m actively playing and then have several other games on the side if I’m not in the mood for those.


  1. I really hope the new game+ comes soon. I’ve been dodging the side quests, as I’m already finding it too easy and don’t want to further level up. Rather than after game superbosses, I want to see a challenging playthrough option


    1. Well hopefully New Game+ is an improvement over the original game’s New Game+ where you couldn’t return your character’s level to base level 1. Something similar to Bravely Default’s New Game+ would be preferable.


  2. I just need 2 more shrines until i’m at 120 shrines for BotW then I’m switching over to XBC2! I have no idea where those 2 shrines will be. Exploring around the world is really increasing my korok seed count though. I think I just hit 500 korok seeds.


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