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Nintendo Labo Costs £60 And Upwards In The UK

Nintendo UK has revealed the pricing of the recently unveiled Nintendo Labo products and they certainly aren’t cheap. The basic set costs £59.99 while the advanced Nintendo Labo robot kit costs £69.99. Here’s the details courtesy of the team over at Eurogamer:

“The basic Nintendo Labo kit costs £59.99, and includes the cardboard Toy-Con designs for the piano, bike handlebars, doll’s house and fishing rod, as well as the Switch game card with associated mini-games.

The more advanced Nintendo Labo robot kit costs £69.99. With it you can cosplay as a giant robot in the game, which evolved from Shigeru Miyamoto’s earlier Project Giant Robot concept.

Finally, there’s an £8.99 Nintendo Labo Customisation Set, which includes stickers, stencils and sticky tape to decorate your Toy-Con creations.”



  1. Yeah, this was the price point I was expecting. Very expensive. Still, may go for the variety pack. With 5 different things in there you figure at least 1 or 2 of the might be a hit! That robot game is going to have to be something amazing to justify £70 (and let’s be honest, it didn’t look particularly amazing). Also unanswered questions as to whether the backpack will fit everyone – kids and adults.

  2. I think it’s a great concept, and could grow into something more if Nintendo play their cards right (tie in with game releases, branching out into teaching coding to kids etc), but come on, the price will have to come down a bit. It just doesn’t seem value for money, a few mini games and a few sets of cardboard and bits and bobs for 70 quid.

    1. You have no idea yet how much value these games will have as they’ve barely been shown. How about you wait and see before making a snap decision based on a few seconds of footage.

  3. I don’t find these prices particularly expensive tbh. Any normal switch game costs 49.99 anyway so 10 or 20 extra for the cardboard kits isn’t bad. The only reason people are mentioning the price is because it’s cardboard but it’s not just a few blank sheets of cardboard shoved in. Anyway if you don’t like the price don’t get it, it’s probably not meant for you anyway.

    1. Exactly, you pay for the engineering and design work involved too and the corresponding play value it gives. It’s like people saying about a 60 bucks Lego set: errr it’s just a bunch of plastic! Plastic is super cheap to produce

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