Here’s A Photo Of Nintendo’s First Headquarters In Kyoto In 1889

Ever wondered what Nintendo’s first headquarters looked like way back in 1889? Well, a recent photo has surfaced online showing just that. It’s Nintendo’s first headquarters in Kyoto from the company’s year of inception in 1889. It just goes to show how far the company has come.





    1. They where perfect in the 80’s and 90’s , things started going downhill with the n64. (still a great console but no Nes,Snes)

      I always wonder what would have happend if they payed sony for the disc based system. (if I remember correct they wanted a small % for every disc/game sold)

      This mistake later created the PS1 that is probally the best console ever created after the Snes with a great library like the Snes that could all have been on the n64 if it used there disc system.


  1. But this is back when they were making playing cards right?
    If their initiative has always been new ways to play, they nailed that one on the head.


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