Nintendo Switch

Spain: The Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold Xbox One LTD

More good news for Nintendo as it has been revealed today that the Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Xbox One in Spain. The Xbox One launched in 2013 and has already been overtaken by the Nintendo Switch which launched in March last year. It should be noted that Spain isn’t a good territory for Xbox.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised of that happens soon in germany as well.
    The Xbox one is far from successful over here.

    Which is also why I am always wondering why so many people think the Xbox is successful. It is in america, yes, but in most other countries it seems to sells almost as bad as the Wii U of worse (Japan).

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  2. Not really something to be proud of, to be honest, since, as the article points out, Spain isn’t really big on Xbox. That’s like getting happy that McDonald’s outdid Burger King in a country that Burger King is known to not do well in.


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