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US: Here’s The New My Nintendo Rewards

Nintendo has added a few titles to the My Nintendo rewards program today. No Switch related goodies but there are some games for 3DS and for the Wii U up for grabs in exchange for gold points. There isn’t a terribly exciting line-up this time around but here’s what’s on offer for folk in North America:

  • [3DS] Siesta Fiesta (Nintendo eShop): 50 gold points (available until March 26th)
  • [3DS] Mighty Switch Force! (Nintendo eShop): 50 gold points (available until March 26th)
  • [Wii U] Year Walk (Nintendo eShop): 50 gold points (available until March 26th)
  • [Wii U] Gunman Clive HD Collection (Nintendo eShop): 50 gold points (available until March 26th)




    1. because at least then they’re including something for their new console…. instead of just riding out the success from the sales of that console…. think about it. It’s about time they put some rewards up for the people that actually go out and buy their stuff. Instead of catering to Wii U and 3ds with titles that have been available for EVER


  1. Offering downloadable games instead of discount coupons is a step in the right direction. That’s closer to the original Club Nintendo. Hopefully we’ll see a few Switch titles pop up within the next few months.


      1. Yeah, that’s not cool. If Virtual Console is going to be added on Switch, I’d like to be able to eventually get some of those with my points.


  2. I thought the new Nintendo rewards system would eventually get physical rewards like Club Nintendo. But so far it’s nothing but digital crap. The very thing that started making Club Nintendo suck at the last. Nintendo seems clueless to this fact. Club Nintendo was awesome because of it’s PHYSICAL REWARDS (not counting those final pathetic rewards, like the Majora’s Mask tote bag and puzzle etc.). Not the stupid digital stuff.

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    1. With the physical stuff, at least everything was unique to Club Nintendo and you couldn’t get it anywhere else. All the digital rewards (other than Twilight Princess Picross lol) are able to be gotten normally. Almost every discount on the store is useless to me (or not worth it) because I already own the games discounted.


  3. Should have just kept Club Nintendo going if My Nintendo was just going to be more of the same shit we got at the end of that thing’s life. And the guy that thought the points should expire within under a year should be taken out back & shot like Old Yeller.


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