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Here’s The Gorgeous Project Octopath Traveler Trailer Map

The partial map which was shown in the teaser trailer of Octopath Traveler has been published online by its talented creator Francesca Baerald. It gives gamers a glimpse of what to expect when the full game launches sometime later this year.


Hi!I did this map in 2017 but forgot to share it here [​IMG]

This is the map that Square Enix used for the teaser trailer of the video game RPG “Project Octopath Traveler” (due for release in 2018 ).
Here’s the trailer with a glimpse of the map:

Also I’ve painted the map for the free Demo that has been released on September 2017 but unfortunately I can’t share the demo map yet.
And of course there will be a full map once the game is published [​IMG]

I’m so excited about this project! Working with Square Enix has been incredible.

(As always made with watercolour and ink on paper)



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