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Here’s The Latest EDGE Review Scores

The latest edition of EDGE magazine is now available to subscribers and with it comes a number of reviews for games such as the well-received Celeste on the Nintendo Switch and also Lost Sphear. Here’s the scores featured in EDGE #316:


  • PUBG – 9
  • OK KO! Let’s Play Heroes – 7
  • Lost Sphear – 6
  • Arena of Valor – 6
  • Celeste – 8
  • Finding Paradise – 8
  • Brawlout – 3


3 thoughts on “Here’s The Latest EDGE Review Scores”

  1. I’ve seen some fool scores about Celeste. Edge is more trustable with its 8. Some fools gave it a 10.
    Too much harsh on Brawlout, though. 3 should be given to an unplayable game, not a lousy one.

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