Ex-Rare Composer David Wise Reportedly Working On A Nintendo Project

Musical Composer David Wise, who’s best known for his association with Nintendo, via Rare and for his music for likes of The Donkey Kong Country Series, Diddy Kong Racing and Starfox Adventures, is reportedly working on a Nintendo project. He’s said to be working in Texas for Nintendo and Retro Studios, according to a source close to him. This could mean Wise is contributing towards the recently announced Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch or, better yet, there’s the possibility that Wise is working on a new IP.

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  1. If it’s DKCR3 that’s 4 years for a 2D platformer. I would hope it’s something new but Retro’s Donkey Kong games are pretty amazing. Plus this time we know someone else is making Metroid Prime 4.


      1. Which is in vain because the Pii U had shittons of droughts and gaps plus delaying it for February release was a dumbass move knowing fully well that the consumer market in that period will be slow.


    1. Either remaster Star Fox 2 without shoveling motion controls up our asses or remaster Assault with refined TPS and online play as well as formally reviving our favorite Krystal.


      1. You lost me at Zero’s controls being okay. No it’s not and I have never seen such unpolished and tact on controls like that since Sonic & the Secret Rings.


      2. I prefer twin stick controls. Thank you. In fact, I already have SF on my 3DS to boot so fuck Zero which is the 3 rehash of the original game but worse than both of the previous combined.


  2. It may be a new DK Country game. I hope they are also working on a 3D Donkey Kong because DK needs a new 3D platformer to expand this franchise to return it to being recognizable just like in the 90’s.


  3. He’s working in Texas for retro studios.
    Seriously, this is so obvious.
    It’s on like Donkey Kong. NEW DONKEY KONG.
    With TF on the horizon very soon, I can almost put money on the fact we will get a brand new entry of dk very soon, ( and it will more than likely be a 2d platformer, not 3D ) with details possibly coming at e3 and THAT will be one of Nintendo’s pre Christmas games, don’t expect MP4 till 2019.


  4. Something tells me it’s a new DKC game for Switch. Why else would he be composing for them again? And no, it’s not like I dislike his work. I LOVE HIS MUSIC SINCE DKC2.


  5. assuming that Nintendo relly only created Retro Studios to have a Studio doing new versions of Retro franchises, It might indeed be another DK game. Which would be OK but not necessary as most Switch users don’t know TF yet and get their DK fix if they want.

    Could totally imagine they’re working on a 3D DK game though but not sure if DK is still popular enough to justify such a production.
    I’d prefer something newer (could also be some more unused franchise) just for sake of making the variety of brands a bit bigger.

    what the heck, I’m calling it: ARMS ADVENTURES CONFIRMED!


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