Labo Nintendo Switch

Shazaming The Official Nintendo Labo Trailer Takes You To The Labo Song By Kaye Cal

When the Nintendo Labo trailer was first released, a number of viewers wondered where the catchy theme in the video came from. It was apparently custom-made by Nintendo specifically for the promo – but for some reason, firing up the Shazam app while playing the trailer takes you to the page of an actual track called The Labo Song, which was originally performed by Filipino artist Kaye Cal in 2017. This is most likely a coincidence, but it’s also interesting how both of them have the word Labo in their titles.



  1. People dont really know how Apps like Shazam work. Yea, sure, sometimes it identifies the song but this time this is what happened:

    Shazam looked online for the song
    Found “Nintendo Labo”
    googled “Nintendo Labo Song”
    Found the Labo Song
    “Yea. That’s prolly your song, bae.”

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