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A Fire Emblem Heroes Channel Presentation Is Happening Tomorrow Night

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem Heroes, then Nintendo has made an important late-night announcement that just may interest you. A Fire Emblem Heroes Channel Presentation will be taking place on January 30th at 7:30pm Pacific Time. Depending on your time zone, this is 10:30pm on the east coast of the US. In the UK, this would be 3:30am on the morning of January 31st. Although we don’t know what the content is, don’t expect too much. Nintendo says that the presentation will be only 15 minutes long. The page for Nintendo of America’s YouTube stream feed of the presentation says that it’s “about 13 minutes”. Nevertheless, if anything important comes from this presentation, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, Nintendo’s official announcement tweet can be seen down below.


3 thoughts on “A Fire Emblem Heroes Channel Presentation Is Happening Tomorrow Night”

  1. I’m guessing details on next version update, not really expecting other surprises given they already released an upcoming events calendar.

      1. It didn’t. There’s plenty of things to announce though.

        The update on 2/7 we only know that the Falchion, and Zephs weapons are refinable. While Caeda, Raven, and Felicia get an exclusive 5* weapon. This was on the notification board a few days ago.

        Though, they can announce changes like an update to the summoning pool. Which heroes are joining later in February. And potentially new game mode and other changes. This is the anniversary after all.

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