Nintendo Switch

Bendy And The Ink Machine Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Another indie game is joining the Nintendo Switch’s library. It has been confirmed that Bendy and The Ink Machine will be coming to the console. If you don’t know what Bendy and The Ink Machine is, it’s a first person puzzle action horror game. The game will release on the Switch sometime this year. The news was confirmed in a YouTube video by theMeatly Games, the game’s developers, so we’ve included the video for you down below.




  1. So many games I’m not interested in… 2018 looks so bare for Nintendo Switch, they showed so few games. And nothing really big. If they think they can sell like crazy without the big releases they are deluled. Kimishima you sold so big because you had Mario, Zelda and Splatoon. Want to mantain the same sales with Kirby and Yoshi? Uhm.
    I’m inteested in Mario Tennis but that will be released in May. May.
    Yes I will buy Kirby too probably, still this isn’t the kind of offering that will satisfy ‘people’.


      1. Without major third party games? I don’t think Celeste will sell 300 dollars consoles. I don’t see third party involvement. Payday is old and mediocre stuff (I would not invest 20$ on it on Steam).


      1. Applauses.
        And after the applauses you can return to your cave.
        I was talking about me, if you didn’t noticed, and many do think like me. Consoles don’t sell without games.
        It was able to sell well because it had somewhat rich content in 2017, it does not look so good 2018, they didn’t showed anything big like Zelda, Mario or Splatoon, that’s a fact. PS4 has already overthrown again the Switch in Japan lately, and it’s a 5 years old console. No content no party.


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