Nintendo Has Applied For Trademarks For Wario, Waluigi, Koopa Jr., 1UP, And More

Nintendo has been busy with trademarks as of late, but the newest trademark applications from Nintendo aren’t a small package. In fact, a grand total of 7 trademark applications have been filed by Nintendo today. These are Kinoko Kingdom, Kinoko Oukoku, Wario, Waluigi, Koopa Jr., Gesso and 1UP. Kinoko Kingdom and 1UP’s trademarks are only for the English wording. Kinoko Oukoku’s trademark is only for the Japanese wording. The rest of the trademarks are for the wordings in Japanese and English. However, according to Japanese Nintendo, these are not video gaming related. Nintendo has applied for these trademarks mainly for “merchandising purposes”.




  1. I’m disappointed by the popularity of a Waluigi game overshadowing Wario Land being revived. I love the Wario Land games. Waluigi could even be in a new one. For Waluigi to deserve his own game I feel like he should start by being a villain in a new Luigi game, like how Wario started for Mario. Or maybe the two of them together could give Bowser a break for the next Mario game, to at least be seen as more than spin-off characters.

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    1. I like your last idea, but either way a Waluigi game of some sort is long overdue. Mario, Luigi and Wario all star in their own series but Waluigi has nothing. Yes it’d be nice to see more entries in the Wario Land, Wario Ware and Luigi’s Masion series but Waluigi definitely needs to have a game of his own to flesh him out as a character. They always hint at having some sort of supernatural powers yet so little is confirmed about him that he just appears in Smash Bros. as an assist trophy with a tennis racket. I just think it’d be nice if the rest of the Super Mario universe was fleshed out a little more, that’s why I loved the first two Paper Mario games. They did a great job of world building.

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      1. The reason I’d want a new Luigi’s Mansion, WarioWare, traditional Paper Mario, or especially Wario Land game isn’t because it’d be nice to see them as stars have more games. I want more of the gameplay. It’s the established gameplay that’s overdue.

        Waluigi should be pretty high up on the list of characters if Nintendo gets an idea about a new type of gameplay to let it be his game, or to even pursue a logical concept, but until he has gameplay attached to him it’s odd to see the need emphasized on a character basis. Unless we’re talking about an RPG, fleshing out any Mario character even Mario himself should be a side benefit to the gameplay.


      2. Now that you mention that he has supernatural powers, this could fit in a Luigi’s Mansion game with Waluigi as a villain or a rival that gets in Luigi’s way for his own benefits. He could also be allied with the villain of Luigi’s Mansion whenever be King Boo or a new ghost villain.


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