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Rumour: The Nvidia Shield Version Of Zelda Twilight Princess Handled Through Emulation

We found out a while back that GameCube titles will be making their way to the Nvidia Shield. Interestingly, the version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is supposedly being handled by emulation which would indicate that Nintendo has a working GameCube emulator for the Shield. This could suggest that the emulator is also ready to go for the Nintendo Switch, as we’ve been hearing rumours of GameCube emulation for the platform for quite some time.

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13 thoughts on “Rumour: The Nvidia Shield Version Of Zelda Twilight Princess Handled Through Emulation”

  1. Hopefully this suggests Virtual Console is indeed coming in the future with possible GameCube titles being released for the Switch VC as we’ve seen GameCube controllers being supported wirh some of the Switch games.

  2. Nice! If true can’t wait. Help bolster the library of games even further. Having VC games on the go would be a HUGE boon for Nintendo.

  3. Is there really any point in bringing Zelda Wind Waker and Zelda Twilight Princess to Virtual Console when we already have their HD Versions on the Wii U? I could understanding bringing the HD versions to the Nintendo Switch but why bother with the Gamecube versions?

    1. Controls. That’s why. Who wants a poorly done TP with forced Gamepad shoved up our asses that changes nothing? Plus, Wii Remotes beats Gamepad controls. Everytime.

    2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      Give the HD versions to a 3rd party so they can remove the Wii U stuff & make it more Switch friendly. ESPECIALLY Wind Waker. I refuse to go back to the GCN bullshit with having to pay Tingle bullshit prices.

    1. When was the last time you came here with a witty or worthwhile comment? It’s quite sad, I’m only commenting as I feel a bit sorry for you.

    2. You act like double dipping is such a bad thing. If people wanna buy it,let them. Your comments won’t change anything.

  4. Only difference is that Shields Tegra X1 isn’t clocked as much down as the Switch’? Dunnow. But with some elbow grease it should be coming to us soonef rather than later.

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