Nintendo Switch

Capcom Says Ultra Street Fighter II On Nintendo Switch Is A “Smash Hit”

Capcom is incredibly pleased with how well Ultra Street Fighter II performed on the Nintendo Switch. The company labelled it a smash hit in the company’s latest financial report. It’s great news for the company which was initially lukewarm on Nintendo Switch support but have pledged Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for the console.




    1. 7 as well as the Remake of Resident Evil 2. I’ve cancelled scheduled update to improve system stability in order to run their simulation.

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  1. Oh cool, maybe you could bring SFV and RE7 now? oh wait, SFV is under Sony contract and RE7 despite you guys asking more ram on the switch to run it on it, is not there yet. Shit company.

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      1. Square Enix has it worse, though. Over 8 or 10 games either developed or published by SE is coming to Switch yet people are still bashing them because of 2 or 3 games not coming to Switch (least not any time soon, anyway.)

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  2. I love Capcom but they need to bring the goods now. Enough of these age-old ports. Get us something from 2016/2017 or newer. I seriously hope they have more in the pipeline than “SF Collection” and “Megaman 11”. Those games are great, but the whiole concept of the Switch is home games on the go. They’re stuck bringing games that could already run on a 3DS.


  3. Meh… Capcom is one of those developers I’ve relegated to PlayStation only buys. But for those that either don’t want to or can’t get a PS4 or whatever their next system is, this is good news if it means more games from Capcom on Switch. So good luck, guys!

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