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Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends Vote 2 Winners Announced

We have finally received word of the winners of the Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends Vote 2. The news was revealed on the official Fire Emblem Heroes event website and you can see which heroes and heroines received the most votes from the public.

1. Celica: 36,302
2. Veronica: 29,206
3. Camilla: 28,166
4. Eirika: 27,503
5. Azura: 20,430
6. Loki: 16,811
7. Nino: 15,531
8. Micaiah: 15,493
9. Corrin: 13,833
10. Tharja: 12,459

1. Hector: 38,527
2. Ephraim: 31,027
3. Marth: 29,058
4. Alm: 18,716
5. Reinhardt: 15,931
6. Chrom: 13,638
7. Robin: 10,912
8. Takumi: 10,407
9. Leif: 9,001
10. Ryoma: 8,238

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  1. Also Veronica isn’t a playable character and was able to be in second place. What the hell is going on?

    Also why people voted Marth for new mystery emblem?


    1. You can vote for non playable/ enemy characters in the ballot too. There are plenty of characters who’ve made it into FEH who weren’t playable in their respective games, a prime example is Reinhart.


      1. I understand this but Veronica? There are plenty of FE girls like Eirika, Caeda, Camilla, Elise and so on


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