Mario Kart Tour Is Coming To Mobile Devices Next Fiscal Year

A new mobile title has been announced by Nintendo. Mario Kart Tour is in development, and Nintendo says the game is releasing “in the fiscal year ending in March 2019”. This is all Nintendo confirmed about the game, so we know very little about what Mario Kart Tour will be like. We’ll let you know any further details when they come out. In the meantime, the announcement tweet is down below.



  1. My only problem is the game is going to be either crappy, or mediocre I mean it’s going to be a mobile title, imo mobile titles aren’t that good they only satisfy you on the go and there isn’t much replay value to them like the actual game with majority of Nintendo mobile titles I found myself playing with them for about a few months or even a year just to pick them back up and see what I miss, this game might actually do good if they apply like month updates like the animal crossing and fireblem titles. I’m just going to go head and make my predictions

    *pauline will be playble (due to odyssey and the fact she been around much longer than any Mario character besides Mario and Dk)
    *this will most likely be depend on online (since majority of there app titles need online to work)


  2. And why isn’t this for the Switch? I still don’t see how is this going to work without controls or controls on a touch screen which isn’t good for most games besides one-tap garbage or RPGs.

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  3. If this is something I can pay for once and play anywhere (without internet) then I’ll consider it, even if it’s overpriced. But if it’s one of these free-to-play games that you can’t enjoy without using microtransactions I’m not interested; I’d rather just buy Mario Kart 7 at that point.


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