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SEGA Will Announce What’s Next For Sonic At SXSW 2018

SEGA will once again be participating at SXSW and this time they will be talking about what’s next for the spiky blue hedgehog. The panel will also discuss last year’s Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces which both performed well at retail. The panel will take place on March 16th at 3.30pm. Here’s the details:

Sonic is back, and ready to take 2018 by storm. Join the official team from SEGA who are building Sonic’s future as they give you an update on last year’s strong performance of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, as well as the world-exclusive first look at what comes next for the fastest blue hedgehog. Speakers include Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka, Sonic PD Director Austin Keys, Sonic Mania Animation Director Tyson Hesse, and Sonic Social Media Manager Aaron Webber. You won’t want to miss this!




  1. Nope, I’m not getting my hopes up for anything sonic, unless it’s a mania 2 that is. Maybe in the past I’d of hoped for something sonic adventure related…but never mind, I’ve given up on that long ago so whatever.

    Thankfully by September, I’ll be back in education finally, and maybe I’ll get an actual life by then and have better things to do than be addicted to looking up gaming news!

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      1. I’m currently living in hospital after two years of literally living in my room and not going outside, due to social anxiety and getting excluded from main stream education due to certain conditions I have.

        However, now that I’ve been in hospital for nearly a year, I’ve made great progress. I’ve gone from just “researching” gaming news all day and having take away food daily (and gaining about 50kg in the process), to being able to do things like walk into town on my own, or even make friends when I thought I’d never achieve anything like that, or how I’ve managed to lose about 25kg so far at the hospital).

        It’s gotten to the point where doing my A levels is now a real possibility and I can finally get my life back after being excluded due to my severe autism. This hospital I’ve been in has really been an absolute life saver, and I’m now looking forward to my future instead of dreading it.

        And to answer your question, I’m currently making my own game just sitting in my room alone. I’ve also made a lot of progress with my game and hope that one day, it’ll be a worthy homage to metroid fusion-my favorite game of all time.


      2. As long as your concerns of the direction of IPs and video game news feed go in constructive future goals.

        I plan to revive many dead and neglected franchises, as well as help fix Sonic.

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    1. Me too. Forces was the final straw for me with Sega/Sonic Team handling Sonic. They just don’t care anymore so I’m not buying another game from them u less it’s Christian Whitehead’s work. He, a fan, has made the best Sonic game in over 15 years, probably since Sonic CD itself.

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    1. They need to axe Pontaff, Ohtani’s violin, and actually touch the Adventure engine before they can do Sonic Adventure 3.

      And it’s doubtful it’ll come right after Forces. Just as long as it isn’t Boom or some mobile-EXCLUSIVE game.

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      1. They can use Unity engine since is very popular and also the Unity team is making the graphics better for making games


      2. I’ve heard negative things about Unity. It’s part of why Yooka-Laylee almost didn’t make it on the Switch.

        But will it let Sonic run in 360 control, homing attack without some obnoxious cursor, stay in 3D, and no boost-to-win needed. Actually Sonic Adventure/Adventure 2 gameplay, but with a new plot and new stages. Or did they lose the source codes for the Dreamcast games too (and their PC releases on Steam).

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      3. The problem of Unity in YookaLaylee was a simple update version of the engine.
        Many developers suggest to not update the engine when your game is at final states because you will lose many hours of work, that’s what happen to Playtonic.

        At least YK is a good game


      4. But even if they used Unity or Unreal (and its dark ass textures). SEGA would still refuse to do away with 2.5D sections and boost-to-win (and Pontaff). We do not need those in a Sonic Adventure game.

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      5. Huh?

        Anyway, that’s not an option. 2.5D/boost-to-win has worn out its welcome. It’s time for the Adventure series to return, but there’s only two possible ways to do it.

        1. SEGA’s team of developers reacquaint themselves with the Adventure gameplay (done right) (since they lost touch with what made the Adventure series great to begin with) by making remakes of the first two Adventure games. Then they can reuse that experience and assets to make Sonic Adventure 3.

        2. A team of passionate fan game developers study and dissect in the mechanics of each Sonic Adventure game, make a few mods and fan games (the same way Team Headcannon, and everyone else across the Sonic hacking community, got started with Sonic 1). Then they get hired by SEGA and move onto a full-fledged 3D Sonic game, that’s faithful to those two Dreamcast games.

        The only other issue is, what engine did SEGA use for the two Dreamcast Sonic games?

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      6. Well we are talking about of 2 games that made in the end of the 90 and the beginning of 2000.
        The engine was something very complex, compared to the modern engines.

        I agree with your statement about a Sonic Adventure which is something that I want to see coming to light.

        If the fans can make better than the original developers then fans know what to do. I’m more a Nintendo fan but the only Sega game I like it’s Sonic


      7. And that’s not to surprising.

        Nintendo makes it clear that IPs such as LOZ, Pokemon, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, even Splatoon, Xenoblade, and ARMS are up there with Mario (whether its iconicness or tone). Not to mention the biggest Nintendo showcase, SSB.

        As for SEGA, you wouldn’t know who NiGHTS, Ristar, Amigo, and Billy Hatcher are unless they appear in a Sonic game in some form, or if you visit a Sonic/SEGA fansite.

        Hell, back when I was 12/13, I thought Sonic’s parent company was called Sonic Team (despite having memories of my cousin’s 90’s Genesis and Dreamcast games). That’s know new I was to the franchise.

        I understand games like Bayonetta, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Shenmue, Persona 5, and House of the Dead not being close to the Sonic franchise, but at least flesh out NiGHTS, Ristar, and Billy Hatcher (Mario-esque platformer and/or adventure games) so we can have an all-star cast, instead of having to fall back on Nintendo, some big third-party, or unknown indie company, whenever a decent Sonic game absent for a year (2014-2016).

        Even when we don’t get a mainline 3D Mario game each year (or just once or twice per system), Nintendo has other IPs close to Mario.

        Mario has many spin-offs (Kart, Party, Golf, Tennis, Paper, Mario & Luigi, NEW, etc.), Sonic doesn’t. Mario has a Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Wario. Sonic doesn’t. Mario has a LOZ, Pokemon, and Kirby. Sonic doesn’t (or at least not anymore).

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      8. In real there is an antagonist form of Sonic which is Metal Sonic but I agree with your statement about Sega franchise be leaved in the shadow for so many years


    2. No. Not from Sega/ST themselves. I don’t trust them to make another GOOD Sonic game anymore. It’s been nothing but dumbass changes/gimmicks and bad jokes after another. If they make a 3rd Adventure, it’s gonna get screwed and that’s the death of Sonic for many.

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      1. No. No more chances. They keep fucking up with lazy designs, dumbass changes to some things that already worked, writing garbage scripts with bad jokes that makes even Pre-K kids cringe at, shoehorning characters to be useless morons who rather piss in their pants and joke at the worst times than be..IDK, ACTUAL CHARACTERS WITH ACTUAL CHARACTERIZATION AND PURPOSE! I’m looking at you Sonic, the new SpongeBob of one dimensional weight.

        Christian Whitehead/Nintendo/Dimps or don’t make another Sonic game…ever.

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  2. I think I know what’s next for Sonic: You can’t play as his friends, no super forms for non-male hedgehogs, no Sally Acorn, you can’t fuse Sonic and/or his friends together, no Chao garden, another Mario crossover, and pandering to black eyes fans. At this point, I’ve given up on Sonic.


    1. It already got destroyed several times over. Shadow, 2006, half of Unleashed, Colors..plot/character wise, Generations playing safe, Lost World, Boom and now Forces. Sonic has been ruined for over 15 years and there’s no sign of hope from Sega themselves. Only Christian Whitehead and maybe Dimps can save him.

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      1. Dimps? Pffff dude. Forget dimps.They recently don’t know how to develop a good version of a sonic game. Sonic Unleashed was completely ruined by Dimps and the Wii version of it was a little off. I recently don’t want dimps to be involved with this. Especially future sonic games. Dimps needs to do better on developing those titles instead of ruining it. There version of the develop sonic titles has no variety.


      2. I do get that they tripped a couple of times but at least they do improve over their faults (look at Sonic 4 Episode 2) and don’t risk fucking up any Canon or design philosophy. Also, you can’t just disown them because of Sonic 4. Big Red Button ruined Sonic, Sega ruined Sonic…much longer and consistently than others. Dimps is the least of all devs that could ruin Sonic for anyone. In fact, I love their work with GBA/DS games that are simply superior than any 3D trash Sega makes in-house. Also, we wouldn’t have Blaze the Cat without them because Sega scrapped her ass years prior with no thought of revival and ironically enough, Sega also tried to ruin Blaze in 2006, one year after her introduction and fame kicked off.


      3. I honestly believe what you said. But, Dimps is the only problem that Sonic wasn’t good. I don’t blame SEGA for this. I recently blame dimps and Big Red button for this because those are the last two companies they ruin sonic.


      4. Are you on crack? Did Dimps make Shadow the Hedgehog, 2006, Secret Rings, R, Labyrinth, 3D Blast, Unleashed…half of it, write Colors, Lost World and Forces…did they? Big Red Button gets a pass because Boom is not a Canon entry but a lame ass spin off on it’s own. Dimps only trip on Sonic 4 Episode 1 and tried to fix it with Episode 2 in some areas. Other than that, Sonic Team ate the only ones who constantly screwed Sonic the most and the hardest.


      5. If you look at their resume of games, they have a good track record of good games while they help design a few questionable ones like Lost World. Still, Dimps is nowhere near as bad as Sega/ST themselves.


      6. I do more than fucking Sonic Team/Sega at this point. Just because Sonic 4 was a bit underwhelming doesn’t mean they’re terrible or the greater evil of the bunch. Sonic Team fucked up more times and much worse. Hell, Big Red Button fucked up Sonic a lot harder than Dimps did with just one non-canon spin off game.


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