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You Can Program Your Own Custom Robots With Nintendo Labo

Kotaku was one publication that was invited to an event in New York today to showcase a Nintendo Labo creation. The site reports that when Nintendo Labo launches in April you will be able to build and customise your own cardboard robots. The feature is called Toy Con Garage and sounds like a lot of fun. Here’s their impressions of the product:

Nintendo representatives demonstrated this Toy Con Garage, which uses simple “building blocks” to let you program your devices. They’re essentially “if-then” statements. When you open up the program, you can select from a number of blocks based on input options for your Switch’s controllers, then connect them to other blocks based on output options. For example, you can connect the left Switch controller’s up button (input) to the right Switch controller’s vibration feature (output), so whenever you press up on the left Joy Con, the right Joy Con will buzz.


11 thoughts on “You Can Program Your Own Custom Robots With Nintendo Labo”

  1. I hope they don’t focus too much on this audience because most of them didn’t buy the Wii U and they only care about Mario games instead of trying new games.

    1. Do you mean kids didn’t buy the Wii U? That’s true, it’s also why Nintendo needed to change its strategy. Their business plan relies on appealing to a broader range of demographics than the other big 2. I have no idea if Labo will be succesful, but they absolutely need to “focus on this audience”.

      1. Actually my issue is that they are trying to attract the younger audience without any challenging appeal. This generation needs to know what is a challenge in video games. They want everything easy including video games. They don’t have the any dedication for long games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Zelda Breath of the Wild to name a few.

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