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Details Of Crash Bandicoot ‘N Sane Trilogy Coming To Switch Removed From Publication

A couple of days ago we reported on a rumour that highlighted Activision’s five-year plan to expand the Crash Bandicoot franchise according toan interview in Licensing Source Book Europe with GB eye, a European supplier of licensed merchandise. The original article in Licensing Source Book Europe reported on an upcoming new entry into the franchise that was slated for next year and revealed that we could expect a ‘N Sane Trilogy Switch port. The article has now been edited to remove all mention of these details.

Activision hasn’t released a statement but I’m sure it won’t be too long before the silence is broken.

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    1. If they “remove” such leak but didn’t deny such detail or project exists, then it’s gotta be real. Same thing happened when someone questioned about a possible GTA5 port on the Switch. The dude implied “patience” and that’s just enough to insinuate that the game is happening.


  1. Sold mine off not to long ago to put some money down on some Switch games. Happy to know it’s a possibility the N. sane trilogy is going to come to the Nintendo Switch.


    1. No. They use the platform as a test bed for the game to see if the interest is still alive. It passed the test so they’ll port them over. Not to mention, Sony has no exclusive binding to Crash, not since the early 2000s. So Activision can make and port Crash wherever they want.


    1. Exactly. Not denying this is actively confirming that it’s coming. Remember when someone at Rockstar was asked about GTA5 Switch port, he replied “Patience” which got removed quickly afterwards so it’s kinda confirmed.


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