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Rumour: Activision Looking To Bring Crash Bandicoot Games To Nintendo Switch

Merch licensing company GB Eye is reporting that Activision has a five-year plan for the Crash Bandicoot series and has plans to bring the games to the Nintendo Switch. The company is apparently planning to bring the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year and there’s a brand new Crash Bandicoot game coming in 2019

  • Activision will release N.Sane Trilogy on Switch and PC in 2018
  • There’s a new Crash game coming in 2019
  • Activision has plans for Crash titles through 2022

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      1. So it is a weapon, to taunt them Ponies. lol Also, Sony and fans has no say for the matter because they don’t know or sub-own Crash anymore.


      1. The GameCube had Wrath of Cortex “Crash 4” and every other Crash game since but not the original trilogy. Since Activision has complete rights to Crash, they can release it in any other platform as they wish so, sorry Sony. lol

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  1. This will be unique as Crash has become the new Sonic of popularity and the memes that had come out of it recently.

    A Switch version of N Sane Trilogy will be very good for my hands. lol

    Plus, a new Crash game for 2019 could be wonderful for the series!


      1. Wrong. When Naughty Dog was called by Sony for making a game that has a recognizable character, like Mario and Sonic, they ended up with an alliance of Sony, Universal Studio and them. With this alliance, Naughty Dog was working on these games only for the PSX era because it has the contract to release games only on PSX

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    1. Nope and if it comes to Nintendo, I better not hear them Ponies whine because it never was Sony’s IP and they wish they would’ve snatched it when they had the chance 20 years ago.


  2. Having never played any of the Crash games color me intrigued. I always thought he was more of a Sony mascot, but if he has the freedom to hit other platforms I welcome him with open arms. I’ve heard good things.

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      1. Well after Crash’s recent fallout and his controversial Skylanders appearance/model, this remaster was a good starting point to revive Crash and this game does look very pretty and plays like the original.


  3. Sup, Crashyfan698 here. I’m pumped that this may come to Nintendo Switch, just hoping I see it come to Nintendo Wii. Can’t afford a switch, spent my birthday money on 4 packets of Twizzlers. Gotta get those gains, ya know homie? Saw a switch at Wallyworld, couldn’t buy it though, so I continued my journey and traveled to DollarTree, where I found the Twizzlers. I was debating between them and a new Nerf super soaker. I broke my previous one because I got mad. My grandma is just too good at Wii Music. See ya homeslices, praying for Crash Wii edition, just hope they answer my call, the call of the wild. Welp, peace out Crashybois.

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