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SEGA Explains Why They Decided To Make The Super Sonic DLC Free In The End

SEGA caused a bit of a controversy when they announced that the Super Sonic downloadable content for Sonic Forces wouldn’t be a free addition to the game. The developer initially said they were charging $2 for the privilege, but then after some backlash they decided against it. It is now free. Aaron Webber from SEGA’s PR has explained why they decided to give it to all Sonic Forces fans for free.

“At the end of December, we announced that Super Sonic DLC was going to be arriving in Sonic Forces, and I don’t know if this has ever been officially stated yet, so I actually also wanted to mention this for the record, but Super Sonic was never initially planned to be in Sonic Forces. If you guys have played the game, the Chaos Emeralds aren’t really featured as a primary part of the story, and so Super Sonic wasn’t a thing. Along the development process, they said, ‘well let’s make maybe some DLC for Super Sonic.’

Now, to say that the Super Sonic DLC caused a bit of an uproar I think is pretty fair, and a lot of people going, ‘Hey, you know, this was always free in past games, why isn’t it free here?’ I think maybe some people may have thought too we already built it in the game, and had taken it out like a greedy publisher or something like that… even though that wasn’t the case, we had a lot people that worked really hard behind the scenes over the last month, and thankfully we had the support of pretty much everyone at SEGA, which was awesome, and everyone worked really hard, and it’s kind of like trying to hit a moving target when you’ve already said, ‘here’s the plan, let’s go’, but as of yesterday (January 24), the Super Sonic DLC is free for all platforms. It’s going to be free forever. It’s big news, and really good news I think. We wanted to make sure that the fans don’t hurt at all, so we kind of made the right move on this one, especially because a lot of you guys have seen this stuff in the past and gone, ‘Super Sonic kind of should be a key part of the games, it should be kind of a core part of it.’ So hopefully people are happy with that news, and thanks again to everyone at SEGA. Thank you, could not have done it without everyone’s help there.”

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    1. I expected it to be terrible and even I was disappointed. Though that’s mainly because of what Sega’s been doing outside the game more than the game content itself. I can’t speak for actually playing it but all the gameplay I’ve seen it’s about what I expected and only reaffirms my belief that Sonic Team needs to step away from Sonic and try something different. Let the Mania guys work on Sonic for a while.

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      1. Platforming is about reacting to things as they appear on the screen, but Sonic games go so fast that it’d feel unfair if they littered the stage with hazards and enemies because there woulnd’t be time to react to it all and all playthroughs would be a festival of cheap deaths, so instead they automate it to the point that it’s Press > to win/Press X to win.

        This has always been an issue with Sonic games and the jump to 3D just made it much worse.

        Sonic needs an overhaul, they need to stop trying to make it about speed.


    2. I’ve seen videos naming it the second/third worst games in 2017. That goes to show how fucking bad it is. Not to mention the most laziest game I’ve seen yet from them. $40 down the drain for that auto-pilot crap that doesn’t last more than 3 hours and the story/VO is canon-retcon garbage.

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      1. Yea I mean I enjoyed a couple of stages but they were few and far in between. I sold it on eBay for the same amount I bought it for so at least It didn’t go all that bad lol but yeah it should have been better


  1. That’s a nice story from the SEGA PR there, except there’s one little problem with it…
    Super Sonic was already on the disc at launch. Modders could play as Super Sonic on the PC version long before the DLC was even announced.
    It was deliberately kept aside to be sold as DLC, the only reason it’s free now is because of the uproar fans caused.

    I’m glad they reversed the decision and made it free, but I don’t like this ongoing trend in the industry, and we can’t let this become accepted as the norm.

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  2. So Sonic Forces was bad. That doesn’t mean the franchise deserves death. The people responsible for making the game bad should just be removed from the franchise. Maybe Activision can use their incompetence for a change.


    1. One of their main issues was how badly the team developing the game was structured. There were two level designers total for the game. Two people working on the crucial game-making part of a major release.


      1. Except Adventure 1 and 2 are pretty bad games too. They just look good in comparison to this wretched bottom of the barrel waste that they’ve been churning out for the past 15 years. There has never been a good 3D Sonic game. And to think this used to be Mario’s “rival”. Lmao


  3. “I think maybe some people may have thought too we already built it in the game, and had taken it out like a greedy publisher or something like that…”
    Except it was in the game, terrible damage control right there.


  4. Because Sega royally pissed off the fanbase with not only lazily crafted a shitty game with a shitty plot after wasting 4 years but making Super Sonic, the staple of the series since 92, a DLC with no ChaosEmeralds being part of the game/story is adding insult to injury. That’s why they made it free aside from attempting to sell this garbage and try to say it was a solid performing game with Mania from that Twitter post. lol Yeah right.


  5. *Sees a lot of negative comments about Sonic Forces*

    I hate this fanbase… I really REALLY do.

    Just because it wasn’t great doesn’t mean it was THAT big of a failure. Sonic ’06 is the only TRUE failure and yet people are treating this game like it’s the worst when clearly this game should be under the “okay” category.

    There ARE worse Sonic games you know.


    1. I forgot to mention Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was the OTHER true failure.

      But my point still stands, Sonic Forces should’ve been given more respect than this. If anything this game should’ve been seen as a breath of fresh air compared to Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. But instead the fanbase goes ballistic as if they’ve forgotten that Rise of Lyric and Sonic ’06 were far worse!


  6. Simply put: because it pissed a lot of people off and they were right to be pissed.

    Besides, it’s the least they can do to try to make up for something that wound up being totally overhyped. Forces is merely mediocre with good in just a few places.


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