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Eurogamer: The Next Call Of Duty Is Black Ops 4

Eurogamer is reporting this afternoon that Call of Duty 2018 is actually Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The team have several sources who have told the publication that’s the game Activision has planned for this year. We published a rumour a couple of days ago that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is heading to Nintendo Switch, however Eurogamer have yet to verify that. No doubt Activision will send out a teaser soon.




      1. call of duty is a very boring and repetitive title full of foul mouthed ingrates that should have a back hand round their hides.


  1. what real gamers want i.e. aka switch owners !!!!!!

    no loot boxes and other gambling nonsense no micro-transactions

    no heavy kidy aim assist shut that shit down !!!!!!

    polished gyro mouse aiming ITS A FPS ITS 2018 i dont have to explain BASIC COMMON-SENSE here aiming with a stick is both factually retarded and clunky and decades obsolete !!!!!!!!!

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    1. And that’s exactly why it won’t sell well on the Switch. Call of Duty games have huge budgets and any micro-transactions they might have is because game shouldn’t be $60 any more.

      Also gyro aiming may seem like common sense to you but many prefer dual analog because they don’t have to deal with the gyroscope drift which is a problem that all gyroscopes have. Not to mention that dual analog is still a better way to make larger movements like camera moves. Learn about the technology you’re touting before you yell about it in the comments.

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    1. It’s definitely worth it for a third party to see how your game fairs on the Switch but it’s in no way guarantee that there game will sell well. Currently 7 games make up over 63% off all software sales on the Switch and all of them are Nintendo games or use a Nintendo property. That means the remaining 184 games share just under 37% of that pie.


      1. Many of those same games have cut features and all look and/or perform worse so it’s not like it has everything the other systems off plus portability.

        There are also gamers who don’t care about portability at all and might instead care about the online community and the ability to play with their friends in a party and talk to them via voice chat. So if it had a comparable online infrastructure and if their game of choice had cross-play with other platforms, then I could see a CODBLOPS bro playing it on a the Switch.


  2. Man its been 3 years since bo3 released, literally feels like it was just last year. Hope its similar to bo1 or bo2. bo2 is the furthest I want them to go into the future, and I don’t want anymore ww2 or past stuff, present and slight future is perfect.


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