Here’s The Nintendo Valentine’s Day 2018 Personality Quiz

Valentine’s Day 2018 will soon be upon us so Nintendo America has produced the Nintendo Valentine’s Day quiz. It’s easy to participate in and all you have to do is answer a few simple personal question to find out which Nintendo character would be your Valentine’s Day match. You can participate in the quiz, right here.

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      1. You better understand one thing.
        If you go out with Peach you have 90% that appear Bowser for take the princess and this time you have to rescue her and not Mario


    1. I also got Link but don’t worry. Its not as a couple, instead is as a companion. I wish they have put Zelda just like they put Peach. You can get Mario, Peach, Link or Kirby depending on answers you select.

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      1. Yeah I know it’s not as a couple, from the answers I was picking I was expecting it to give me Yoshi (I was getting the Yoshi vibe from my answers for some reason?) And then I got Link and I was like… okay then.

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