Nintendo Switch

VOEZ’s Update To Version 1.4 Adds 14 New Songs

The colourful rhythm game VOEZ for the Nintendo Switch will be getting its latest update to version 1.4 tomorrow, 8th February. With this update, 14 new songs will be added for you to play along to. The full list is below:


  • “The Black Case” by KillerBlood
  • “Checkmate” by Yoyo BunNii
  • “Don’t Stop the Moment” by Tattsu
  • “Freedom Dive” by Xi
  • “Magical Toy Box” by Shiron and Xi
  • “Masquerade” by M2U
  • “Meteor Lights” by S-Don
  • “Milk” by Atsushi Morimori
  • “Qualia” by Kiva
  • “Rainbow Light” by Kofu
  • “Return of the Prodigy” by Raito ft. Seina
  • “Sky Love Fantasia” by Stereoberry
  • “Sonna ni Watashi wo Kitai Sasenai de” by Kanae Uemura
  • “Violet” by Eyemedia

A new trailer has also been uploaded, offering small snippets of the new tracks. You can check it out below:




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