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Nintendo America Shares Super Mario Odyssey Tostarena Concept Art

One game that captured peoples hearts in 2017 was the sublime Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been great at providing concept art for the charming title and the latest is for the Tostarena region. As you can see from the image below it’s looks absolutely glorious. Super Mario Odyssey is out now on Nintendo Switch,



11 thoughts on “Nintendo America Shares Super Mario Odyssey Tostarena Concept Art”

  1. Has anyone else felt unimpressed by anything in Super Mario Odyssey? I just made it to New Donk City, and none of the worlds I’ve been to so far have really impressed me in any way. Even New Donk City isn’t nearly as exciting as I expected it to be (the human townfolk act more like robots than humans). I’ve been finding myself eagerly awaiting for this game to be over with so I can go to something else.

    I think that all of the massive open world games I’ve been playing lately have stolen my heart. Breath Of The Wild impressed me more than Odyssey from the very moment Link first walks out from that cave (at the beginning) and into the wild. Maybe Mario games just aren’t my thing now that I’m older. Though I still have a long way to go before truly judging it.

    1. When I was at the point where you were, I totally would have felt you. I had to learn, that Odyssey is a bit different to previous games where you would play through the game over a pretty long timespan and then would have beaten like 50% of the actual game with some things and some then unlocked contents available so you can have some more fun after beating Bowser.

      But in Odyssey, that main campaign is way, way shorter compared to the rest of the game. And when I rushed from world to world like you might just have, I always played with a certain ‘that’s it?’ attitude, that left me slightly disappointed and often think back to how wicked Galaxy 1 felt, the first time I played it or how wonderful 3D World was for multiplayer.

      But then I finished it and realized, there might be quite a lot of stuff going on in these worlds, that felt so small at a glance but now seem to hold en endless amount of collectables. I gotta mention that I also started another playthrough on a 2nd savegame with my daughter exactly there and when you play something – anything – a second time, it also grows differently on you.
      So I got quite deeper into that game and now I’m at the point where I’m finally actiavely hunting for moons. I’m like over 50 hours into that game and have about 55% of all moons. While I also felt, just like you, the need for a more open world environment throughout the first rush through the game, I’m now more thankful it has been ‘limited’ to this carefully considered, traditional leveldesign that you learn to break more and morewith some new shortcuts, moves and so on.

      After it took quite some time to grow on me, it’s now totally the greatest Adventure-type Mario game. It feels pretty much like a version of Sunshine where they fixed everything that was wrong. Which is a great thing as I really liked Sunshine for the most part but some things really damaged it.

      The funny thing is, that ultimately, while I, just like you, felt underwhelmed by it’s dimensions, I’m now kinda overwhelmed by the variety, the amount of moons, of little extra-levels, of little ideas (like the secret hint-photos or how the globe on the odyssey would play a little song for you when you jump on it), by the sheer amount of collectables that will keep me coming back at least for weeks if not months and of course by the amount of lands that, [litle spoiler ahead] just like in 3DWorld get unlocked even when you don’t expect there’s still something else.

      Sorry for the essay, but this game somehow deserved it as I just did it injustice. It really doesn’t happen often that any videogame especially on a AAA level like this one, feels crafted with so much heart, love, attention to detail and obvious fun on the dev’s side. There’s even a good soundtrack to be found there which is also something that doesn’t really happen too often anymore.

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