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SEGA Says Sonic Forces Performed Well At Retail

SEGA has published its latest financial results report and stated that Sonic Forces has performed well. Unfortunately we don’t have any numbers, but the game was sold at a lower price than most retail games so presumably that has helped. Hopefully sales data trickles out at some point for SEGA’s latest Sonic title.

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  1. The game isn’t as bad as people say it is, but don’t freakin’ lie to us SEGA, like you did with the final writers for this game (Pontaff once again). Just don’t do it.

    And if the game performed so well at retail, how about some Episode Knuckles and Episode Tails DLC (instead of him dick-riding Classic Sonic all the time and crunching digit on that computer of his.). Or how about an update for more custom character slots (15 isn’t enough, given all costume parts in the game), and more animal options (also, “can’t be cooler than Sonic” is petty as shit).

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    1. If I can beat a game in 2 1/2 hours cutscenes, cutscenes included, that’s pretty bad. It would be like if Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage was sold by itself for a full price of a proper game, but even that has more length to it if you want to replay on critical mode to get all the trophies.

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      1. Yeah, and that was only one of my problems with the game. There were others like the advertising for the game making the returning villains the main focus, but had stuff like Chaos being killed off like a joke in a cutscene and “Shadow” having nothing outside of cutscenes either. It just came off as sloppy writing and a cheap attempt to get longterm fans more invested into getting the game. I was never really a fan of Warren Graff’s portrayal of the world and characters, but to me this was his weakest work.

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    2. I think it’s because the game wasn’t HUGE like Generations was.
      And some of the controls needed a patch or two.
      And the story isn’t that fleshed out (Gee, it’s like people are forgetting this is a SONIC GAME we’re talking about).

      Although yeah I personally liked the game better than most people did, but not as much as I would’ve liked. I’d either give it a high 6 or a solid 7.

      Hopefully this game actually sold well enough for Sega to try again, either for a new game that ACTUALLY follows customer feedback, or a director’s cut of this one (I heard they had to cut out some stuff, and apparently that backfired).

      I mean it’s no Sonic Mania, but it’s no Sonic ’06 or Rise of Lyric either.

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      1. You mean “it’s no Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, but it’s no Sonic ’06 or Rise of Lyric either”.

        Mania is in a different class than those games (the Genesis class). In other words, it’s good so long as it uses the actual Genesis formula (and not whatever the hell Sonic 4 tried to do). But it’s still not a Modern Sonic game, just a nice nostalgic pick-me-up that actually works.

        Don’t get me wrong, I still think Mania is a good game.


      2. “You mean “it’s no Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, but it’s no Sonic ’06 or Rise of Lyric either”.

        Mania is in a different class than those games (the Genesis class).”

        WHO CARES!? It still counts!


  2. This game is complete bullsh*t!!

    The levels are barely a 1 minute & a half long!

    The camera is a constant hassle! …as usual…

    & subpar graphics left me feeling like this was a DREAMCAST PORT instead of a new adventure!

    & segs wants to tell us this garbage had the nerve to “perform well financially?”

    Anybody looking for a REAL sonic game get SONICMANIA! Because Sonic Farces is garbage!! (& YES! I said “FARCES- not Forces”)


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