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Sakurai Says He May Take A Consulting Role In His Next Game

Legendary Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has said in a fairly recent interview that he may take a consulting role in his next project. As we already know, Sakurai puts his heart and soul into his games and this approach has caused him problems in the past. It makes sense for him to take a slightly lesser role in games going forward. We shall have to wait and see what he produces next.



      1. >dissed a game with shit ton of content, excellent writing, great characters, well done story that has twists and turns no one expected that was made by the exact same guy.

        Jesus Christ this why we can’t have anything nice.

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      2. Kid Icarus was not trash!

        But yes, I agree that we should have a Definitive version of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS before getting a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising.


  1. This sounds like a good fit for him. As others have said he puts so much of himself into his games that it’s caused him health problems in the past. This sounds like a great way for him to share his creativity with a new generation of game devs without it nearly killing him. I imagine if it’s Smash that’s up next this could also help mitigate concerns about the next game not having his special touch and if it’s well received could make things easier on the devs of an eventual Smash Bros where he’s not involved at all.

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    1. I’d play that! Something just as expansive, story driven and epic as Uprising, but without the cramp inducing control scheme.


  2. I very much hope he takes a backseat on the next Smash game, whenever they plan on releasing it. I want a single player/story experience on par with Subspace Emissary, and that’s not going to happen with him behind the wheel.

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  3. Great. He’ll probably make sure he’s the consultant for the next Smash so he can make sure Ganondorf stays as a clone of Captain Falcon (he deserves his own moveset that isn’t a knockoff), make sure there is no single player story mode because “the cutscenes will end up on the internet and supposedly ruin the story for people because apparently people are incapable of avoiding spoilers on their own” bullshit excuse for why a story mode is a bad idea, and whatever other crap he doesn’t want changed.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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