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Take-Two On More Switch Games: “We’ve Nothing More To Announce Specifically At This Point”

Take-Two recently held a financial earnings conference call, where the company was asked about what Take-Two’s future holds for the Switch. Although they have already released multiple titles for the console, there’s plenty more they can do. Take-Two’s subsidiaries include Rockstar and 2K. Many franchises, from Grand Theft Auto to XCOM, have yet to see a game on the Switch. However, for the time being, this trend will continue. Here’s what they said about the Switch in full:

“In terms of bringing other titles to Switch, obviously we’ve done a few titles already. We’ve done NBA, WWE, L.A. Noire. We look at this like any other platform opportunity to the extent that we look at our development costs, is the game right for the platform, what does the audience look like, what’s the install base? So when we do believe that there’s an opportunity to do something on Switch, then you’ll hear from the labels. We are impressed with the growth, we’re impressed with the units that have been sold into the market so far, so we’re very sanguine at this point, but we’ve nothing more to announce specifically at this point.”

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  1. It’s good to know that they’re satisfied with the system and sales. But the others will probably claim they’re lying,but that’s expected from armchair analysts.


  2. Be careful what you say to Switch Reddit. They have been gloating that Switch is getting AAA support and despite repeated warnings that support would disappear they refused to listen. When I say AAA I am referring to companies like EA, Activision etc.


      1. I mean we’ve seen this every generation with Nintendo since PS1. PSP and Vita failed to attract those gamers (people forget “console quality” was PSP’s selling point). There was no reason to believe things would change. If anything was going to attract high graphical games it would have been Vita.


    1. You must have slept during the GameCube era when that console got big support from third parties, so don’t say it’s always been the case. Also, people are overreacting to one developer saying they don’t have anything to announce at this time. He was hardly going to list of four titles that are coming then and there.


  3. Take-Two could be under NDA with Nintendo, so they probably can’t really discuss any announcements regarding unless maybe Nintendo green lights them to. Bethesda said similar things when they were asked about supporting the Switch when it was called the ” NX ” and look how that turned out………..hmmm………..just something to think about

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  4. Probably waiting to see how well the games they already put on Switch will do before they think about bringing any others over to it. (Probably keeping an eye on other games that aren’t theirs, too.)


  5. ‘… our development costs, is the game right for the platform, what does the audience look like’. Blind people never saw the light. As a starting point try to release polished games. Then cut content appropriately to fit the game in a cartridge, since ‘people’ don’t expect to buy 128 GB cards, those are instead tipically the ‘hardcore gamers’. Software should be tailored to the platform, not just be a copy-cat of a PS4 console version. EA did it right with FIFA for once (overlooking the online problem, but there was eventually no time to develop such feature from the ground up since Nintendo online offering is still actually different from that of the other platforms).


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