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North America: It’s Love Vs. Money In The Next Splatfest

At long last, we now know what North America’s next Splatfest will be. Starting February 16th, those of you in North America who play Splatoon 2 will be able to choose between Team Money and Team Love. Japan has just had their Splatfest, and Europe is about to have theirs this weekend. For exact times, here’s an in-game picture of the Splatfest announcement that a Reddit user took earlier.


14 thoughts on “North America: It’s Love Vs. Money In The Next Splatfest”

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  2. In Splatoon 1 Love beat Money but that’s because japanese people are very kind now that this splatfest theme is in US Money will probably win cause people are heartless pieces of shit

  3. Hmmm… Love wont get you money, but money can get you love, until you lose your money and then you have neither.
    Well it doesn’t matter anyways, since we get to choose between gherkin or not…

  4. This is not fair. Both love and money are important (love is more important but without money you will not be able to buy food which is what maintains a person alive).

  5. I interpret this as no date for Valentine’s (getting to keep your money) versus having a date (having to blow your money).

  6. Love will win if for no other reason than people don’t like the visual of picking money over love. In reality, both need a more clear definition in order to make a choice. There are multiple kinds of love, and many different levels of wealth. What exactly is the point of comparison here? Is it as binary as having infinite of one and none of the other? If so, they’re both terrible options. One leaves you well taken care of, but miserable, the other has you starve to death. Any food charity that could be given to you increases your net worth above 0, cheating the rules of the question.

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