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Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Is Coming To The West On Nintendo Switch

NIS America has announced that Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded, a  “roguelike RPG”, is heading west. It’s also releasing on the Nintendo Switch later this year. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded was originally released in Japan last year. This title is a “defintive edition” of Touhou Genso Wanderer, which released in 2015. An announcement trailer was released, so we’ve included that for you down below.




  1. I want to get into these games but the chibi artstyle, though. Bleh. (Thanks, Metroid Prime: FedshitForce! You’ve ruined the chibi art style for me!)


      1. The entire series. Just waiting for a game that isn’t chibi art that looks fun to play before I buy a game in the franchise.


    1. It should be noted that this is technically a fan game for the Touhou series as the main series games are bullet hell games with an art style you could probably dub as “amateur” but those games are relatively fun and deviate from a fair few tropes that fan games like this sometimes touch upon.

      Plus I think this game becomes even better when you have an idea of the source material. So in which case the I’d advise you check out any of the official games. Hidden Star in Four Seasons and Antinomy of Common Flowers are both on Steam and are both good entry points even if the former is a bullet hell and the latter is a fighter spin-off that incorporates these elements.

      It is skeptical that Antinomy of Common Flowers might receive a console port as well since whilst it’s an official game, it was made in collaboration with another group so there is that.

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      1. Just how hard do these bullet hell entries get? After doing the end credits for NieR: Automata which involved an insane bullet hell to get through to get the true ending, I’m a bit cautious when it comes to buying those games that is 100% bullet hell.


    2. For the most part the games themselves are a more forgiving than other pure bullet hell games. Generally because the games focus more on pattern memorization than they are on dodging things that fly at you at a break neck speed like anything made by the company CAVE. Among that resources for lives and bombs are usually plentiful in most of the games which you can stock up lots if you manage to memorize a lot of the game.

      Hidden Star in Four Seasons which is on steam right now is a pretty good entry to get into since the release mechanic in that game allows you to get out of a lot of tricky situations among also help rack up points to get lives more frequently. Every other entry has their appealing qualities like the simplicity of Mountain of Faith and Double Dealing Character, how games like Hisoutensoku and Antinomy of Common Flowers adapt these characters to a traditional fighter and I could just rave on why Perfect Cherry Blossom and Imperishable Night are probably some of the best entries of this series.

      I haven’t even mentioned how there are some spin offs like Shoot the Bullet shake things up by having you take photos of boss patterns as oppose to taking the bosses down! As a bullet hell series there’s definitely a lot of charm to be found in it without it going as insane as DoDonPachi or some other well known insane shmups.

      Give it a shot, there’s bound to be something you get interested in!

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