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Suda51 Holding A Travis Strikes Again Live Stream On February 13th

One game that I know a lot of Nintendo Switch owners are looking forward to is the next entry in the No More Heroes franchise which is titled Travis Strikes Again. The developer Suda51 has announced that there will be a live stream for the game happening on February 13th. The event will be broadcast at 5am Est for North America.

【Nico & YouTube Live】 Famitsu Month Ichi series “The Travis Return of Suda Gojichi” The 5th time is due to start on February 13th (Tuesday) 2018, at 7pm.

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  1. For anyone who’s interested, Suda51 holds a Travis Strikes Again-related stream every month on YT and Nico Nico. His previous streams can still be viewed on the Famitsu Youtube channel, though nothing substantial has been revealed, yet.

    Keep in mind that he doesn’t have a translator, so he won’t be fielding questions from English-speaking viewers. He mostly pays attention to the Nico chat. Most streams consist of him showing off concept art for TSA and then playing an indie title which will presumably feature in the game.


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