Here Are The Current E3 2018 Floor Plans

The biggest gaming event of the year, E3, is only a few months away and thanks to Reset Era member Rösti, we can now get our first look at how the floor plan is shaping up. The event planning and marketing firm GES that is involved with the show has published its exhibitor manual for this years’ E3 show and, based on information from that, we can see where Nintendo will be situated. To no huge surprise, Nintendo will be positioned in their normal position of being opposite Sony in the West Hall. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo is also not breaking tradition and has booked the 411 Theatre again this year.

Here are the current floor plans but as with any event, these can change.




      1. This has been said many times before, and they always produce *something* to maintain some interest in the company. There’s a reason “never say never” is a phrase.


      1. ||The video was archival footage taken by our scouts, testing one of our new breeds of Ing on an Xbot…||


      2. ||We need the extra cattle resources, even if I don’t even remotely care about those slaves…||


  1. Here’s something to think about that I realized yesterday: both the Wii U and 3DS had a 2D and 3D Mario in their first two years. If that cycle repeats for the Switch we’re due for a 2D Mario this year. I just hope it’s a refresh that has more ambition the NSMB series.

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      1. It’s not just porting the game but it needs a overhaul itself. The sharing/voting system needs changing (instead of Nintendo deleting levels that basically leaves a lot of bad ones but have the fans up/down vote them and the worst votes gets the boot in later time), the game is missing a ton of graphical styles from All-Star collection and the fucking slopes…we need those. Plus, environmental aesthetics and hazards.

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