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Nintendo Says They’re Open To Hiring Additional Partner Companies For Mobile Games

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has revealed that he’s open to hiring other partners for mobile video game development. Currently the Kyoto-based company is using DeNA for its mobile approach but Kimishima has stated that he open to other partners. Interestingly, Gung-Ho (Puzzle and Dragons) is rumored to be one such developer.

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  1. Just make it stop. People whined about Mario Run being too costly for 21 short ass levels that’s online-only and completed in less than 67 minutes. Pokemon Go without Trade/Battle from day one killed the app and it’s popularity faster than the Black Plague killing 27 million people. Miitomo was decent and then a year later, Nintendo wants to scrap it and now making a new MK for mobile instead of Switch. Seriously Nintendo, the mobile market is not working out as intended so just stop. It’s a cesspool of freemium trash with IAPs and ads all over.


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