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Nintendo Of America Has Commented About The Invalid Bayonetta 1 Codes

Earlier tonight, we informed you about some retail releases of Bayonetta 2 containing invalid Bayonetta 1 codes. Well, Nintendo of America has now commented about the issue on their Twitter, saying that these codes were “printed incorrectly”. They “apologize for the inconvenience”, and suggest that those who received an invalid code head to Nintendo’s official support page. Here’s their tweet:




      1. yea thts wht they did for me earlier. I used their online chat service and told them about it. Gave them the download code, error code and my accounts email address. They gave me a code then and it only took 5-10 min of my time. Was pretty painless and quick.

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      1. No, they’re the same devs and Bayonetta is pretty much Nintendo exclusive at this point. No one else wants it before due to sales but they changed their minds too little too late.


  1. This is why I only buy physical lol:D
    This happens far too often on both consoles and pc, and a lot of the times they don’t even want to give you a new code because they think people are lying and selling their codes to someone else. Keep physical alive so we don’t have to go through this crap people.


  2. This is why either getting both games physical, or buying straight from the eShop, is preferable. The only game I got digitally through a 3rd party distributor was Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U through GameStop. (I regret that, though, considering I quickly lost interest in the Wii U version of the game after only a couple of weeks. It’d have been nice to own it physically so I could have sold it back to GameStop. But lesson learned as I don’t buy games lacking an overall story digitally anymore as I got WWE 2k17 on my PS4 physically. For someone like me, the replayability is more tied to a damn good story than anything extra like online multiplayer. Which is a good thing considering the online of a game can get shut down at any time without warning. Monster Hunter World has been the only exception to this rule of mine but least that online should be around for quite some time (unlike the WWE and other sports games which get a new entry EVERY year.) Oh look. I’ve started rambling. lol Typical me.)


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