Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Prices Revealed For Australia And New Zealand

Nintendo has revealed the pricing for Nintendo Switch Online in both Australia and New Zealand:

  • One-month membership in Australia costs AU$5.95
  • New Zealand one-month costs NZ$6.55.
  • Australia three-month membership costs AU$11.95
  • New Zealand three-month membership NZ$13.15
  • Australia year’s membership will cost AU$29.95
  • New Zealand year membership costs NZ$32.95

The Nintendo Switch Online service will launch in September 2018 and online on the console will no longer be free.




  1. And in real money that would be about 20.
    Could easily stomach that even when we have multiple Switches.
    But currently waiting if they’ll announce revision at e3.


    1. Around 23 bucks according to two converter sites I just used when using the Australia price. In the case of New Zealand’s price tag, it’s around 24 bucks. Of course, since E3 is mostly an American event, the $20 price tag they mentioned at the event will most likely still be the price upon the thing’s launch in the US. (Unless they did some changes to it and will change the price accordingly. In which case, I expect 30 bucks in the US.


    1. Well, I played a lot of online gaming when I was younger, but nowadays I have zero interest in dealing with voice chat and toxic communities, etc. That’s one of the reasons I actually enjoy online gaming on Nintendo. In Splatoon, for example, with no voice chat, distinct outfits, and small teams (instead of say 64 man servers), each player in a round becomes its own kind of “character,” and it really feels more like a single player experience. Now, especially in the early days of online gaming, the advantage is that single player AI is crap, so online can give you a new kind of challenge and unpredictable gameplay.

      Beyond that, many folks like to play online with friends that they can’t see much anymore. Gone are the days where I could spend a whole day at a friends house, but maybe we could get in an hour before bed when the family is asleep. I also liked playing games like Everquest, before the WoW/ kids found MMOs and ruined the communities. Those were much more cooperative and actually felt like you were interacting with other human beings in an interesting way beyond headshots and swearing.


  2. I have a question. When the online service will be on and I don’t pay the online service, can I still go to the eshop for buy games or not?


      1. Those would probably not be tied down to Nintendo’s subscription, I can’t see Nintendo being allowed to charge users for accessing these services, on top of Netflix or Hulu’s subscription costs


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