Nintendo Switch

Spanish Retailer XtraLife Lists Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy For Nintendo Switch

Spanish video game retailer XtraLife has put up a listing on their website for Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. The retailer has listed the game as coming this year and presumably it will be announced at E3 in June or maybe sooner. Eurogamer previously stated that its heard from multiple sources that it’s in development and that Activision is also working on a new Crash Bandicoot title.



      1. Yeah and don’t worry about it. Now we’ll get the best 3. Also, I don’t think Crash 4 is that bad. It’s essentially like the original 3. What’s so terrible about Wrath of Cortex?


      1. Horizon isn’t similar to Zelda BotW but I don’t care to PS4 weapons I only care about the Nintendo Direct


    1. Which is 0 sells because we have an IP made by Nintendo and will never be on other consoles against a game made by Naughty Dog and then Sony selled it in 2002 or something later which now made him a free IP for every platform available

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  1. If this game really is coming to Switch, at this point, Activision might as well not bother waiting til E3 to reveal it and just go ahead and have the Nintendo Switch logo appear in commercials for the game.


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