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Nintendo Says It Treats Indie Games The Same As AAA Titles

Indie games have proved to be a massive success on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We’ve heard of plenty of indie success stories on the platform as users opt to play them on the go and also at home. In a recent interview translated by Reset Era members ggx2ac and Fukuzatsu, Nintendo has said that they treat indie titles the same way as they would treat triple AAA titles from big publishers such as EA or Activision.

As Nintendo, how is the difference between indie game and conventional game recognized?”

“Park: On Nintendo platforms, we don’t really differentiate between AAA titles from established firms and indie games. In actuality, they’re lined up as equals in the Nintendo eShop. We don’t specially promote indie games just because they are indie games, and conversely we don’t prioritise them below AAA titles either.”

*Read as “Triple-A Title”. There is no clear definition, but it refers to big hits and other popular games, as well as large-scale games with a large development budget.




  1. One thing that I really don’t like is that there is still no Switch section in Nintendo development program, so I’m not able to download and prepare any software and kits unless I contact Nintendo by e-mail, which is pain in the butt


    1. Yes, there is. The section is there, but only if your account has the rights required to access it. When I originally got access to the developer website, I think all that showed up for me was Wii U. Only once I was unlocked for Switch development, I got access to that section.

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      1. Oh, really? So if I want the access, I still need to contact them, or not? One thing that I don’t like about that is that I have to show them my work in progress and my previous projects (which are nonexistent), and they still can say that they won’t grant me the access for the moment, as I saw on a reddit some time ago.

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      2. It’s strange about Nintendo asking to developers what is their work in progress, the state of the game it’s a problem of the developer not from Nintendo I suppose


      3. I’m not quite sure. My boss handles our developer accounts, so I’m not familiar with the process and don’t know what exactly you have to do to get access to the section. Presumeably you have to request access somewhere, so it’s very possible that you have to contact them, yeah. Don’t know if you have to show them progress of your current game. I’d be quite surprised if that was the case, but since I haven’t done it myself yet, I can’t say for sure.

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      1. My mother always tell me the same bullshit and you know what, I’m not taking her fucking delusional hypocrite advise anymore especially after being threatened by her felon boyfriend this week overacting over a dog bite that didn’t happen. So you know what? I can’t be positive, only realistic. There’s a big difference.


    1. Dang, man. That’s cold. I was being sincere. I don’t recommend treating people who are trying to be nice to you like that. You’ll push everyone away from you. I just want you to be happy and for everyone else to be happy too. And you treating everyone the way you do makes them unhappy. That’s why I said something in the first place.

      And btw, everyone is a little bit of a hypocrite, whether they want to be or not.


  2. So where does “Mom Hid My Game” and “Meme Run” rank in this?

    And what category do “Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree”, Monkey Mischief Party Time”, “Pet Resort”, and “Neighborhood Games” fall under? Indie or Shovelware?


  3. The Switch eShop needs some updating. On the PS4, I can limit the number of games I have to cycle through on the PS Store by filtering them out by content type, release date, price, genre, game type, and platform. Each of those have a drop down menu of their own that breaks the stuff up. With the Switch eShop filling up so quickly with games, Nintendo needs to implement something very similar on there.

    On the topic itself, Sony’s PS Store does not have indies with their own separate filter so they don’t really treat indie games any different either. Not sure about Xbox One’s store, though. DemiGOD might know, though.


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