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The Splatoon European Championship Takes Place On 31st March

After months of intense online and offline splatting throughout 2017, the best Splatoon 2 teams from some of Europe’s key regions were crowned as local champions. Now the time has come for them to take to Polymanga’s grand stage to battle it out when they all meet in Switzerland at the Splatoon European Championship on 31stMarch – stay tuned for more information.

As well as witnessing the best Splatoon 2 teams that Europe has to offer, Polymanga will host a special virtual concert. Pearl and Marina of the game’s pop idol-duo, Off the Hook will appear onstage to sing along to a series of tracks and perform their slickest choreographed moves, all accompanied by a live band. The concert will take place before the Splatoon European Championship.

The best Splatoon 2 teams from across Europe will battle it out for ultimate glory when they all meet in Switzerland at the Splatoon European Championship on 31st March. There will also be a special Splatoon 2 concert featuring Off the Hook. Polymanga takes place in Montreux Music & Convention Centre (2m2c), the concert and tournament take place in the Stravinski hall of the Montreux Music & Convention Centre (2m2c). Stay tuned for more information.

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  1. Where can I join teams?
    According to my splatnet app I have a win rate of roughly 80% currently and the 20% include internet disconnections or matches where we only had 3vs4 people…

    Bamboozler and octobrush ftw

    I’d like to play with high rank people ~


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