Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Is #18 On Fast Company’s Top 50 List Of The “World’s Most Innovative Companies”

The good news for Nintendo just keeps coming. Fast Company’s Top 50 list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” came out today, and Nintendo was able to make it to number 18. The company was able to place higher than Activision, which is at number 38.  Fast Company says that Nintendo made the #18 spot “for changing the game–at home, on the go, and beyond”.  But that’s not all. They were also able to make #1 on Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Gaming Companies” list. Here, the reason Fast Company gave for Nintendo’s spot is “for switching into high gear”.




      1. It’s about more than its hardware. Although it also innovates there not just on the external design but on the component level as well. (other manufacturers mostly use off the shelve chips)


      2. Apple hasn’t innovated anything since the iPod. iPhone is just some popular fad that’s now losing steam because there’s no new additions or note worthy changes. On top of that, their specs and pricing is far behind plus ridiculous compare to Android’s and I use to hate Android because of it’s shitty OS when it started.

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  1. Nothing innovative about the switch. It is a remodeled Nvidia shield with a fresh coat of paint. I love my switch, but innovative is not a good word for it.


    1. Nvidia Shield has no physical media. Nvidia Shield doesn’t play games on the go as well as home. It’s a streaming box and much weaker than the Switch. My Surface Book is much more powerful and can do similar feat as the Switch for PC/Steam games. But as a dedicated home/portable hybrid console, it is innovative since none of the home console’s attempted and perfected that concept before.

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    2. Wrong. The Switch has a completely different hardware design (have you even bothered to even do a superficial comparison?) except for having a tegra chip, you ignored the Joy-Con, and basically the whole hardware and software ecosystem and UX around it.
      It is innovative.

      Just because it has one functionality that’s similar and a similar chip doesn’t mean it’s not innovative.
      Also, it’s clearly innovative in the way it utilises the possibilities of a device like it.

      Innovative is a great word for it.

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    1. I know right? SpaceX gets creativity points purely for not only thinking about launching a car into space, but also for actually DOING it with as much style as possible. Space suit chilling in the drivers seat with “Life on Mars” playing at full volume. I still have a hard time believing it’s part of the reality I live in and I watched it happen. I think more people are going to be watching their future launches just to see what crazy thing they put into space next!

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