Merchoid Announces New Range Of Official Nintendo 3D Mini Lights

Official videogame merchandise retrailer Merchoid has revealed a brand new range of officially licensed Nintendo and Zelda 3D Lights based on iconic characters and emblems from classic Nintendo games.

Heading up the new line up is the Legend of Zelda: Out of the Shadows Sheikah Eye Projection Light.The circular light is designed to reflect an ancient stone tablet with a cut out design allowing the teal blue light to shine through from within. The light also projects the magical symbol of the Sheikah Eye symbol onto any surface. The light is avaliable to preorder now at £32.99/34.99/$39.99.

The new range of mini lights also features other iconic symbols from the Zelda gaming series; The Legend of Zelda: Light Up My (Extra) Life Heart Lamp,Legend of Zelda: Get The Green Light Rupee Lamp and the Legend of Zelda: Dawn of Light Triforce Light can be preordered now at £12.99/14.99/$16.99.

The Super Mario Light range features lights based on the shy ghost Boo, Mushroom Powerup, a Goomba and a Question Block. They’re available to preorder at the same price point of £12.99/14.99/$16.99.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams adds; “From mystic lights to brightly lit power-ups, let the new range light up your gaming life.”

The all new range is officially licensed by Nintendo and is available to pre-order now from Merchoid.

Key features:.


Source: PR



  1. That Sheikah Eye light isn’t blue enough! If it’s not the same color blue as the actual blue Sheikah Eye from BotW, I don’t want it.


    1. If it was that blue, I actually wouldn’t mind paying nearly 50 bucks for it. Besides, I’ve seen better ones that are that blue on Etsy for roughly the same price.


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