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Rumour: There Could Be A Kirby Star Allies Demo Coming March 4th

An advert on Google which was presumably authorised by Nintendo states that there’s a demo coming for Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch. The advert says that the demo will be available for download on March 4th. It’s interesting as Nintendo doesn’t usually release demos for its big titles but the latest Kirby title could be an exception. We shall have to see.


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  1. I would be more tempted at 39.99. Full price is a bit overdoing it. It isn’t Mario Odissey! Sometimes it’s better to sell more copies to push the brand than a few and call it a failure…


    1. I feel like you’re really underestimating how many people like Kirby and are willing to pay full amount. Not to mention that this game is looking to be pretty big compared to other Kirby games making full price very reasonable. I highly doubt this game will sell poorly


      1. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse sold poorly in Japan at full price. Less than 100.000 if I ain’t wrong. That’s not the way to push an IP (it’s not even new). It’s Nintendo software we are talking about and people eventually do not perceive a product with value at 60 dollars.
        If it can sells 200 or 300k at 40 dollars it would be a far better bet for Nintendo. Lately Nintendo has not been aggressive with pricing, instead very conservative. To me this game has far lower value than Mario Odissey, similarly priced.


      2. Rainbow Curse sold poorly everywhere and that’s mostly attributed to the fact that you were required to use the gamepad to play it. It wasn’t a very good game and people knew that. Besides, it was also a spinoff title and not like most other Kirby games. If we should compare Star Allies to another Kirby title it should be one that is closer to it in terms of gameplay (like Triple Deluxe or Planet Robobot). Each of those games sold well for what they were (small, kind of short but well rounded 3DS games), and they were full price for 3DS games.
        But now Star Allies wasn’t made for the 3DS; it was made for a big home console system which required a lot more money to make. In order for them to turn a profit they would need to make it full price, and knowing the Kirby fanbase they will definitely make their money’s worth with the game sales. They would make even less money if they dropped its price needlessly.

        Now I do get that to you this game has a lower value than Mario Odyssey or maybe even Breath of the Wild, but all that means is that it wasn’t made for you. Sure Nintendo could cater to the audience that don’t think $60 is a good price tag for a Kirby game, but because they already have such a dedicated and sizable fanbase already they don’t really need to in order to cover their costs for the game.

        Maybe it’ll get a discount later down the line and you could pick it up for around $40 then, but for now $60 suits the game and its audience just fine.


      3. Kirby’s always sold more at low prices. Do you actually think that it would be less viable economically for Nintendo if priced at 40$? It’s a 2D scroller in 3D, heh!
        Full price for 3DS game, you said it right. Which was 35$? Perfect price for a Kirby game to me.
        Game Boy and Nintendo DS editions sold the most, Kirby doesn’t look that good at 60$. Then I’ll probably buy it for kids, but Nintendo can sell far more units at a lower price, make good advertising for the Switch, sell more Switch and so on… Everything has its right price.


      4. I can see it dropping to $50 at most. Really it depends on if the game is as big as it seems to be.

        So like, it should be $50 if it’s the size of Robobot or Triple Deluxe, but if it’s bigger (which it certainly seems to be the case), $60 is still a reasonable price for the game.

        Anyway, you don’t have to buy it at the full price and I’m sure they will turn a profit for the game, so I don’t really see any point in continuing this conversation


      1. If it will sell 2 to 3 millions units ok. If it ends up selling 700k or less than it will be because priced badly. Nintendo need to sells in the millions, it’s all advertisement, it push console’s sales.


      2. Even Arms, a new IP and a fighting game topped 1 million, just half a year after the console debuted. 1 million for Kirby an half year later looks like a missed opportunity.


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