Nintendo Switch

It Took Almost A Year For Nintendo To Create The News Section On Switch

Thankfully, much to the delight of fans, the Nintendo Switch user interface is quick and easy to use. The news section, in particular, is just one tap away and acts as a great tool for gamers who want to stay up to date with their favourite games.

As simple as it may look, Nintendo actually spent nearly a year perfecting the news section and it took a team of 4-5 people working on it to get it just right. It went through many changes as the small team was given regular feedback from Japanese and Western audiences until they got to the product we see today.

Are you satisfied with the system’s UI? Is the news section something you visit daily? Let me know in the comments sections below.



      1. It looks great but it is too simplistic — too barebones, as of now, there isn’t much to do in the UI.
        Granted, any console’s main objective is to play games but I wish the UI would offer a bit more ModernLike features.

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    1. How the fuck is it horrible when it’s basically super simple? All that’s missing is Folders function, apps, browser and even a chat/online service. That’s it and they’re all coming. As far as the current UI goes, it’s very simple and doesn’t look as nearly clusterfucked like Xbox or as messy as PS4’s…the one with the freeze/loading time issues.

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      1. Of course it does. Ever since 2011’s PSN disaster, I just don’t see how can they get better. Their UI/PSN store lags to shit, no backward games and no crossplay and yet, they got the fucking nerve to ask for $60 for an online service that hasn’t improved since?

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      1. Cuz Xbot people payed him to write this

        You know Microsoft how he wins? If you can’t beat them, buy them, this is one example

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  1. For the people asking why it took so long, it was mostly down to the feedback from different audiences that made the process longer than what we might’ve expected. Remember, the ‘NX’ was in R&D stage for a very long time – it’s paid off, clearly.

    To create a brand new user interface can’t be easy. It has to appeal to all market audiences and needs to be easily accessible along with being flexible enough to cater for when users choose what ‘channels’ they opt in for.

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  2. Are you satisfied with the system’s UI? No. Not really. Is it horrible? No. But it’s just so… Fuck it! It’s dull, boring, and bland as hell. I have more fun on the UIs of my PS4 and n3DS. It’s too damn simple, really.

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    1. So please have some themes ready by the time I get a new Switch! Well that’s if I get a replacement. Gonna wait for the paid online and to see if a firmware patch comes that adds the smartphone stuff onto the system itself.


      1. Considering I hated the fact the Wii U to Wii U transfer needed a separate Gamepad working on both systems at the same time, no. No I’m not a fan. It’s just one of the multiple reasons I said “fuck this Wii U and fuck Nintendo! I’m gonna get a PS4 instead!” Thankfully, I’ve had very little issues with my PS4 in the 2 years, 2 months, and something weeks and days I’ve had it.


      2. Oh that I didn’t know and I would’ve been annoyed of that and people say 3DS transfer is a bitch. As for my PS4 experience, it wasn’t too bad but I just don’t “feel it”.


  3. No, I don’t like the Switch’s UI it is just to bland / simple and cheap looking in my own opinion, compared to the Ps4, xbox one, and even the Wii U has a better looking UI compared to the Switch even though it might be a little slow.


    1. Think of it like this: At least it doesn’t take HALF or 3GB of RAM to run it. Pii U wasted half while the others used more than 3GB out of 8. That leaves with 3-3.2GB of Switch RAM for the games to use. That’s a plus in my book and I’m sure it’ll get folders, web browser and themes very soon by it’s first anniversary.

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