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Some Super Mario Odyssey Players Are Breaking Balloon Mode By Hiding Balloons Out Of Bounds

Nintendo released a new mode for Super Mario Odyssey recently called Luigi’s Balloon World. It’s basically hide and seek with balloons, however some players have found a way to break the fun mode by hiding the balloons out-of-bounds. This has caused frustration with many gamers who were looking forward to playing the new multiplayer mode. Small number of players are exploiting a glitch which allows them to clip through walls in order to hide balloons out-of-bounds. Players are hoping that Nintendo will patch the exploit as soon as possible.




    1. You can get them expelled just talk to Nintendo supoort and make sure you have the user name on switch a friend of mines had to do this they also reset scores for the jump rope thing so apparently there listening

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      1. I’ve left one in lake kingdom on the complete opposite side of the map. To make it worse, it’s in an area behind posts you have to remove to get it.

        No one has gotten it yet lol.

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      1. Thanks for replying. I hope Nintendo take action so that others can enjoy the game without having to look for impossible balloons.


    1. As a person who has study speed running this isn’t the case, his is practically cheating there is evidence and everything, tell you this do you expect most people to know how to clip to building to get balloons, I sure don’t because most people are still new to the game, heck I own the game since launch and I still don’t know how to clip through walls, yet


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