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Here’s More Details About Valkyria Chronicles 4 For Nintendo Switch

SEGA recently announced that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we haven’t heard too many details about the strategic game. There was recently a question and answer session during the recent play test event in Japan and Reset Era member Xenosaga has provided the full details of what was said about the game:

  • About 2 years for actual development
  • Much more for planning and pre-production stuff
  • Adding Grenadier class isn’t just about guns on the battlefield, there are explosions too
  • Snow theme because it fits the main theme of the game, which is ”accomplishing the mission”
  • Snow map consists of about half of the game’s overall map
  • Classes added in the second and third games not present right now won’t be added
  • No DLC plans for classes
  • Grenadier has weaknesses, like very weak at interception
  • No plans for Valkyria Chronicles 3 characters to appear
  • Tank only costs one now because people didn’t use the tanks that much in previous games
  • No plans to sell the Japanese Collector’s Edition exclusive DLC later
  • Future DLC is being planned
  • While the map is very big this time, it isn’t a big disadvantage for classes like shocktroopers
  • You can ride the vehicles to move, or use the command system from Valkyria Chronicles 3
  • Grenadier’s interception is terrible, but this improves later on
  • Give snipers anti-material rifle, they won’t intercept and destroy tanks
  • Special anti-material interception weapon will be available however
  • There are normal soldiers and some weird ones
  • No Nintendo Switch talk

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