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Nintendo Has Removed User Reviews From eShop To Evaluate Feature

We recently reported that Nintendo had added user reviews to the Nintendo Switch eShop. However, they have now been removed. The company says that it wants to evaluate the feature before reinstating it and hasn’t set a date yet for its return.

“Customer reviews have been taken offline as we evaluate this feature and its functionality. We currently have no estimated date on when an update will be provided. We appreciate the positive response and thank the reviewers who provided such thoughtful commentary on the games.”


8 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Removed User Reviews From eShop To Evaluate Feature”

  1. instead of removing it why not put a setting that lets you disable comment and why do the switch have no mic i mean they dont need to create a freakin application Nintendo could just put a mic on the switch and if you dont want voice chat then disable it its that easy Nintendo
    Nintendo: Innovative yet horrible

    1. two words: Review Bombings

      People (from other consoles) would make an Eshop account and flood the games with low scores because “Port is inferior” or “x game is better than XBC2” garbage.

      This is the same problem places like Steam have all the time

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    What’s the matter!? Too much criticism of what Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey either lacked or had way too much of!? Probably want to gimp it like they’ve done with a few other Switch features; probably move it to their stupid fucking smartphone app. (Or was it already on their stupid app!?) *shrug* Whatever.

    1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      If the feature returns & they have pre-set options to choose from to review their games, yep. That’s exactly why they removed it: don’t likey the criticisms so they gimp it with pre-set options. That’s why Miiverse was trash most of the time because of bullshit like that. Okay… NOW I’m done. lol

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