The Super Mario Cereal Is Now Available On Amazon

Have you been searching far and wide for the recently announced Super Mario cereal? Well if you have then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now purchase it direct from Amazon. It’s available $3.19 and is shipped as an add-on item. You can purchase a box of the sure to be sumptuous cereal, right here.



  1. I’d celebrate that it’s back, but what they’re essentially doing is forcing you to buy things that add up to $25, PLUS whatever price the cereal is (cheapest so far is around $7-8).

    This is bull.


  2. I managed to find a box at a Jewel some time ago- the marshmallows are what you’d expect but the grain cereal itself has an odd taste, not bad though. Sadly my dumbass brother threw the box out before I had a chance to scan the amiibo portion of it.


    1. Tf is your problem you realize this cereal isn’t made in US they just manufacture it and advertise at least do some research before forming your ignorant views on certain continents, majority of items we own comes to us from other countries


  3. This cereal is always in stock at Walmart now. I was so disappointed when I first bought some. It doesn’t taste that great, and the amiibo on the box is stupid. I thought it would do something special and exclusive in Super Mario Odyssey. But it does the same thing as many other amiibo. It should have at least given Mario a special outfit. The only thing about it that’s exclusive is the name, “Delicious Amiibo”. How exciting.


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