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The Next Splatfest Has Been Announced For Europe & North America

Another Splatoon 2 Splatfest has been announced. This one will take place for Europe and North America simultaneously. In this Splatfest, you will be able to answer a question that has been a source of debate for a long time. Do you think the Chicken came first, or the Egg? The event will take place on March 10th, then continue for the next 24 hours. As for Japan, their Splatfest has a different theme, and it is about to get underway in the next few hours.




      1. It’s the ancester of the chicken who laid the egg,a bird that wasn’t a chicken,but though natural evolution,the egg of the “not chicken” ended up being a chicken

        (Probably not the best explaination,it’s been a while I’ve studied that stuffπŸ˜…but that’s basically it)

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  1. Honestly, I think this question is never going to be properly answered because the question in and of itself is an impasse.
    If I say “the chicken came first” then people will say “But the Chicken Came from an egg” while if I say “the egg came first” then people will say “but the chicken laid the egg”.
    The question itself is a paradox, the only real way you could properly answer it is if you manage to create a time machine and then go back to see for yourself.
    Long story short; There is no definitive answer.


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